Customer frequently asked questions answered by our yoga instructors.

Yoga House was closed from March 15th – April 30th, 2020 during COVID-19. The studio has reopened on May 1st, 2020 with updated and more strict protocols you can read HERE.

Yoga House has updated and taken strict precautions during this sensitive time of COVID-19. A few updated protocols include:

  • Update waiver
  • Limited to 6 students per class
  • Students MUST pre-register online via MINDBODY to sign up for classes
  • There are no use of studio props at this time, and students need to bring in their own props
  • Practice spaces are designated approximately 6′ apart

Because of the length of additional steps, and to learn more in detail about the steps Yoga House is taken, please READ HERE.

Yoga House will soon begin to stream LIVE classes via MINDBODY for the costs of regular punch passes beginning mid May 2020.

Yoga is a practice that was developed over 5,000 years ago in India. The practice includes a system to benefit the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of a person. According to Yoga Alliance, “Yoga is a system, not of beliefs, but of techniques and guidance for enriched living.”

There are several different styles of Yoga with Hatha being the most classic. Hatha, however, only incorporates a part of the entire Yoga discipline.
(Yoga House teaches the styles in non-italics.)

* Perfect for beginners
* Slow-paced, mindful movements
* Individual asanas

* Faster paced
* Flowing between postures
* Increased cardio

Power Yoga
* Strength conditioning
* Cardio conditioning
* Core conditioning

* Detail, precision & alignment
* Slow-paced
* Use of props

* De-sress & relaxation
* Use of props
* Scented oils, blankets & eye pillows

* Vinyasa style
* Routine & discipline
* Physically demanding

* Awakens latent female energy
* Asana, meditation, pranaymana, chants
* Spiritual focus

* Sweat & detox
* Heated room
* Intense

* Floor based
* Poses held for several minutes
* Meditation

Stretching is purely a physical act. Yoga incorporates the breath to increase flexibility as well as de-stressing, increased strength, cardio conditioning, refining posture, and overall well-being.

There is an incredible list of benefits of Yoga. We list the top few here:

  • Increased flexibility & muscle strength
  • Perfects your posture
  • Increased energy & vitality
  • Stimulates the adrenal glands
  • Builds awareness & encourages a healthy lifestyle

See our blog post on further explanation of these benefits HERE.

This is a common misconception and yogis have gone to many lengths to disprove this thought.

In short, yoga is a practice that is scientific (because results can be predicted), philosophical, spiritual and a physical practice (a holistic approach encompassing mind, body and one’s spiritual well-being).

Absolutely! We encourage it as Yoga has many benefits aside increased flexibility. If you’re new or simply not flexible, check out these following Yoga House classes:

Upon arrival, check-in at the front desk and pay for your class. Then stow away your things in the cubbies and remove your shoes. Then you may use one of Yoga House rental mats or your own, and lay it out on the floor in front of the instructor.

The instructor will begin class on time, having you either lying down or in a seated position. They will open the classes by allowing you to set your intention for class and become present on your mat. The instructor will then begin by ‘warming up’ the spine, breath, and body, and work towards a ‘peak’ pose. Afterwards, there will be a cool down, then relaxation.

It is not wise to eat a full meal beforehand, but your body will need energy to move and focus through class. A light, healthy snack is encouraged about 25 minutes prior to class. Here are a few snack ideas:

  • Smoothies with greens
  • Almonds
  • Bananas
  • Salad with avocado


Several Yoga House instructors are pre-natal yoga trained and we’re fortunate to have several pre-natal classes to accommodate mommas-to-be:

Essentially the only thing you need is yourself and money for class!

You can either bring in a yoga mat or use a Yoga House mat! Yoga House provides yoga mats, mat cleaners, blocks (of various sizes), straps, blankets, and bolsters to use at no additional charge.

Yoga practice will include a variation of poses in different axises. It is best to wear clothes that will move with you and not be too revealing (for ladies, be mindful of shirts that are not too lose in inversions; men be mindful of shorts that may be too short). Wear tight fitting, flexible clothing such as classic yoga clothes or loose fitting capris or tight fitting t-shirts or tank tops.

Also – we practice yoga barefoot.

The Yoga House studio will open 15-20 minutes prior to class beginning.

If this is your FIRST class, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to find parking, fill out paperwork and pay for class. This will allow the instructor to give you a studio orientation and time to stow your personal items as you prepare for class.

If you are a Yoga House regular, please arrive 5-10 minutes early so class may begin on time without being interrupted.

To experience the benefits of Yoga, we recommend practicing 3-5 times a week. However, you are welcome to practice as much as you’d like.

Yoga House offers 5-Class Packs, Monthly and Annual Unlimited Memberships. See HERE for offerings.

We’re excited to have you join the journey with us and have you a part of our community!

If you’d prefer to pay one class at a time (“Drop-In”), you may pay when you arrive at the studio and pay as you go. However, if you’d like to become a member (by purchasing Class Packs, Monthly or Annual Memberships), there are many benefits. Such as: e-signing paperwork, seeing schedule updates real time, receiving special offers, paying online from your own device, pre-signing up for classes (as class space is limited), and having priority to attend workshops and series.

Click HERE for more details!

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Customer Feedback

“Yoga House is just what Montrose needed! The studio is professional, welcoming and perfectly located downtown. The owner, Melissa, has done a fantastic job to provide a great variety of classes at convenient times. I especially love the lunchtime flow from 12:15-12:45 every weekday! It’s so nice to be able to purchase class packages and sign up for classes on the website. Highly recommend!”

“I am so excited that Yoga House opened in Montrose! It is very inviting with quality teachers and variety of class styles. They even offer SUP Yoga in collaboration with the Rec Center which was crazy fun and empowering (thank you Melissa!). My “go to” class is on Wed am with Chanel. Her class is just what I need to break up my week and keep me moving! I’m going to try a couple lunch flow classes as I hear great things too. In the past I have driven to Ridgway and Telluride for yoga. Now I have great yoga 5 min from my house. Thank you Melissa for opening!”

“The Yoga House in Montrose is an approachable yoga experience for all. They have a good variety of classes, kind teachers, and reasonable time slots in a laid back and non-competitive atmosphere.”


Core Values

Making Yoga Accessible For All

Having a welcoming and authentic environment, having classes to fit the needs of the community, and opportunities to grow at Colorado Yoga House.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

To continue to evolve and grow in the discipline of Yoga in order to give back to the community with classes that motivate, challenge and inspire at Colorado Yoga House.

Creating Community

To continue to help individuals find health, spiritual balance, and overall well-being and connecting the like-minded individuals through practice.

Joy & Passion

To continually seek the spark in what Yoga has given us, and share the joy and passion from Yoga with our friends, family & community.

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