It Takes a Village

Dearest Yoga House Community,

In the spirit of Gathering and Giving :
We are brought to this conclusion,

It takes a village.

It takes a community to hold up a collective.

It takes a group effort to keep spirit alive.

If we want to go fast then we go alone, if we want to go far then we go together.

In the season of giving we are doing a few campaigns to help weave our yoga community together. Our hope is to keep our mission alive of making yoga accessible for all and to keep the spirit of our Yoga Studio Flowing with the heart of compassion. What goes around comes around. Our aim is to inspire conscious heart felt giving. There are so many ways we can give to each other in the form of service, support, love, acts of kindness, helping those in need and so much more.  There are times where we feel we have little to give, yet we can always give what we have, helping hands, a small prayer or blessing, a compliment and anything that can be made from the heart. We can make gifts and spread our inner light. Let this time inspire heart and creativity. Spreading joy and refuel joy when our spirit and hope is in short supply.

This Giving season we are offering two campaigns to help spread the love and light of yoga to our local Community resource centers we are gifting vouchers of Class drop ins and and or access to our video on demand library of recorded video classes to give out as a resource to our local resource centers such as crisis center Axis Health, our local child community center Casa and Peer kindness and other resource centers around town. We hope to give to hilltop family resource center along with other organizations around our community. Each donation can be given to a organization of choice.

On a bright note We are happy to announce we are currently donating 10 vouchers to our community crisis center donated by a lovely woman in town. We are also looking to donating 10 vouchers to Casa our community resource center for children in need donated by another. Through our Buy one gift one campaign.

Through our Buy one Gift one campaign we will gift 10 vouchers of equal value that consist of 10 drop ins or access to our video on demand library, a library of recorded classes.

Through our Namaste Donation we will gift our donator access to our video on demand library  and share our video class library with an organization of choice where they can share with their clients.

With these drop in vouchers we can bring yoga to those that need it most.

The word Yoga Translates to Union, to yoke, to bring together, and while this individualized practice is so impactful for bringing union within, a shala and yoga space has the power of bringing those in our community together in a powerful union as well. 

We have so much light to bring and continue to do so through a community effort. 

We strive to bring this light no matter what. On that note, our studio is currently working hard to build momentum to keep our doors open. Rising cost, slow periods, We started these campaigns to bring momentum to our space, give to those in need, and stay true to our mission. 

In all transparency,Yoga House is on the verge of closing its doors.  We started these campaigns to bring our community in. With one last push for the momentum we need to sustain as a physical space and service we also started a go fund me to help raise capital.

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Namaste Donation

It takes a village Studio Fundraiser 

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