Meet Our Instructors

We offer a wide range of high quality yoga classes, workshops, series & events.

Kate Wogan


Yoga has been a part of Kate’s life for nearly 2 decades.

Alice Murphy


Being active and finding balance in anything you do is the secret to a long and healthy life.

Jeanne Franklin


Yoga allows you to look inward, cultivating compassion for yourself and others while rediscovering the whole you.

Cindy DeJulio


I find joy in serving others through the practice of yoga.

Laura Lundblad


As a lifelong student, my studies continue with a focus on meditation and yin yoga.

Jeannie Mueller


Not only do I love yoga for the strength and flexibility it offers, but the focus and breath work that quiets the
citta vritti (monkey mind).



Kylie Davis is a Speech Language Pathologist, Yoga Instructor and Montessori-
inspired Homeschool Mama.

Taylor Farinas, Yoga Instructor



Yoga started transforming my life in 2013. I want to share this powerful practice in a way that opens your heart and mind to its endless blessings and lessons.

Jan Graves, Yoga Instructor



I’ve been in the fitness/mind-body industry for almost 40 years and find I am always seeking new things to learn and new ways to teach.

Sara Antonía Schifino


Initially trained in Hatha Yoga, she now teaches Vinyasa and Flow classes that are informed by roots in Iyengar.

Carrie Keahey


 I love to move my body and connect to my breath and mind through movement.

Brittany Stadler


Brittany views yoga as a daily opportunity to look deeper into oneself.

Core Values


Core Values

Making Yoga Accessible For All

Having a welcoming and authentic environment, having classes to fit the needs of the community, and opportunities to grow at Colorado Yoga House.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

To continue to evolve and grow in the discipline of Yoga in order to give back to the community with classes that motivate, challenge and inspire at Colorado Yoga House.

Creating Community

To continue to help individuals find health, spiritual balance, and overall well-being and connecting the like-minded individuals through practice.

Joy & Passion

To continually seek the spark in what Yoga has given us, and share the joy and passion from Yoga with our friends, family & community.

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