We offer a variety of quality yoga classes, workshops, series & events that are accessible for everyone.

Please Note: The yoga studio is opened with regularly scheduled in person and virtual classes.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a low impact movement class originating in ancient China that is often referred to as, "meditation in motion." Tai Chi is designed for the health of mind and body and is great fo all ages and all levels of practitioners.


SilverSneakers Yoga

SilverSneakers - Yoga For Everybody - is a program encouraging older adults to participate in physical activities that will help them to maintain greater control of their health. It is free with providing health care programs, otherwise regular rates apply for those 55+.


Lunch Time Flow

This 40-minute class is dynamic and diverse as each day is fresh and unique. Each day will focus on various aspects of yoga such as breath, focused areas, strength, cardio and more.This class welcomes all levels.



Vinyasa is a style of yoga where the postures are woven together in a seamless form of movement called a flow. We string together the postures with movement and breath, creating a heart dancing sequence. Discover this dynamic heat building creative practice. All levels welcome!


Prenatal Yoga

Our Khalsa way prenatal Yoga is designed by Gurmuhk Kaur Khalsa. Khalsa way is a beautiful way to connect with your baby during pregnancy. This class builds confidence, self love and radiance. It is a perfect way to learn the power of pregnancy, birth and becoming a beautiful, bountiful, blissful mama.


Yoga For Radiance

Yoga For Radiance is inspired by Khalsa way and is an introduction to the Kundalini yogic sciences where we explore breath, mantra, Mudra, meditation and dance in an expansive heart pumping practice. This practice nourishes the body, mind and soul, uncovering the natural radiance within and throughout.


Hot Yoga

COMING THIS FALL! The hot yoga class is for the intermediate to advanced yogi. A fitness flow class based on breath and movement in a heated room balanced with humidity. Hot yoga is known to help with flexibility, detoxifying the body or boosting heart health.

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Core Values

Making Yoga Accessible For All

Having a welcoming and authentic environment, having classes to fit the needs of the community, and opportunities to grow at Colorado Yoga House.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

To continue to evolve and grow in the discipline of Yoga in order to give back to the community with classes that motivate, challenge and inspire at Colorado Yoga House.

Creating Community

To continue to help individuals find health, spiritual balance, and overall well-being and connecting the like-minded individuals through practice.

Joy & Passion

To continually seek the spark in what Yoga has given us, and share the joy and passion from Yoga with our friends, family & community.

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