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Finding my way to Yoga House

There is so much magic in pausing and letting go in the space of faith. And it was through the most recent global pause that led me and my family to owning Yoga House. Just before the pandemic, I gave birth to my second child on 02•02•2020. As I was taking my maternity leave, locking up after my last class, little did I know the next time I would be back to Yoga House, I would be completely transformed with several new roles. A mother of two babies and owning our first  family business at the age of 29.

During the pandemic, Adam and I started meditating and doing yoga everyday. We would do a prosperity meditation that completely changed our lives, we did the meditation so that we wouldn’t worry about our future and what work would be like on the other side of this as we were both very unemployed. It was so empowering and beneficial to do meditation and yoga everyday as it completely uplifted our grief / fear and all of sudden we began to trust that all of this was for something great.

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Chanel Brooks

We learned the true meaning of prosperity is not in wealth but in  the expansion of heart. We held that vision and continue to as we took our unknown future and stepped into owning our first business. It was through these trials that I truly saw first hand how much yoga and meditation has helped in my life.  I  wanted to do as much as  I could to help the community through imparting my wisdom during the challenges of the pandemic.

I offered free yoga/ meditation classes via Zoom and Instagram Live, we donated money weekly to sharing ministries, food bank and I would sneak dollar bills in different places around the store whenever I would go out to stock up. I felt there was more I wanted to offer so I would go on instagram and post little uplifting talks in light of yoga to help keep spirits high. I would suggest books that have really helped me and my mindset in the past and pray often.
I thought if I owned a yoga studio or was guiding the yoga community I would offer as much as I could by offering passes for first responders and essential workers that would be considerably discounted. To reach out to those in the community that have supported us and held us together as a whole through all of this.
I truly felt in that moment I wanted to integrate and support my local community as much as I could through this time of unknown. When we were informed that Yoga House was closing its doors  I was devastated and it was then we were given the opportunity to buy the studio. We had no idea how we would do that. I was unsure how we could, but we dug deep in faith to do what was right for our community.
Through wonderful guidance from Melissa the previous owner of Yoga House we went to Region 10 and learned about what it takes to start a business. We wrote a business plan and started to apply for local community grants and SBA funding. I was told as a teacher to always do what’s right for all, not just what’s right for me. By the grace of God we made it happen. We are so excited to support and take part in this growing yoga community  and community of Montrose. In all ways we are here to keep the initial core values of Yoga House alive by making yoga accessible for all, creating value to the community and sparking joy  while evolving one step further with our main goal to be of support, a lighthouse of hope and a beacon of bliss for those that need it most.
We believe in this transition, and trust the process of this global shift, we have faith in the higher plan and we most of all we have faith in our little community thriving during these times. 
So much love and Namaste.

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Core Values

Making Yoga Accessible For All

Having a welcoming and authentic environment, having classes to fit the needs of the community, and opportunities to grow at Colorado Yoga House.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

To continue to evolve and grow in the discipline of Yoga in order to give back to the community with classes that motivate, challenge and inspire at Colorado Yoga House.

Creating Community

To continue to help individuals find health, spiritual balance, and overall well-being and connecting the like-minded individuals through practice.

Joy & Passion

To continually seek the spark in what Yoga has given us, and share the joy and passion from Yoga with our friends, family & community.

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