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Melissa Lowe has been a professional skydiver for over two decades. During her professional career she cross-trained in yoga to train her body, breath and mind to handle world record skydives. Melissa wanted to deepen her yoga practice which lead her to become a certified yoga instructor in 2007.

Melissa and her family landed in Montrose, Colorado in late 2017 with intentions of growing roots – a change from her nomadic lifestyle – to raise her son with her husband. After settling in, Melissa tried to find a yoga studio and instructor to reestablish her practice, but couldn’t find what she was looking for and saw a need in the community for a welcoming yoga experience, and opened Yoga House in June 2018.

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Melissa Lowe

In 2007 Melissa encountered a healer named, Jacqueline while traveling. While living in Hawaii at the time, Jacqueline told Melissa that she strongly felt that she was to become a Yoga Instructor and guided her to intuitively find a training center. Melissa’s quest took her from Hawaii to Santa Barbara, California to the White Lotus Foundation. Melissa’s guru, Ganga White’s philosophy of yoga resonated and inspired her because she never felt that she fit into any specific yogic path. Ganga’s approach was simple: it’s your personal history, scientific and artistic.

Melissa is a third generation skydiver and her skydiving career continued to excel after her yoga teacher training. However, her dream of opening a yoga studio never faded. “Skydiving is quite a nomadic lifestyle,” she recalls. “Although I’ve had the opportunity to teach skydiving and yoga in amazing places, I wasn’t anywhere long enough to establish a studio.”

Now, settled in Montrose, Colorado, her passion resurfaced by finding a need in the community for an established studio, welcoming new people of all levels and goals. In addition, Melissa plans to work with other wellness experts and businesses to guide people in healthy living and sustainable practices.

Melissa is now a full-time dedicated yogi to her practice and studio. She is also a digital marketer working for remotely for an agency, an author, keynote speaker and continues her passion in skydiving setting more world records!

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