30-Day Challenge

Experience the benefits!

Yoga House is introducing the 30-Day Challenge! What is it, you say? It’s going to a yoga class at Yoga House for 30 days straight! The purpose of the challenge is this:

  • To help make Yoga a part of your lifestyle
  • To experience the benefits of a consistent practice
  • To accomplish a goal with yoga

The Details

The 30-Day Challenge begins September 1st – 30th. We are adding 1 class on Saturday and Sundays to accommodate the challenge. The Yoga House instructors are rotating Saturday’s and we plan to have fun, out-of-the-box Saturday classes! Sunday’s will be Sun Salutation Sunday’s – working through Sun Salutation A, at your own pace, as many times as possible.

September Saturday’s – Class TBD – 9:30a-10:30a
September Sunday’s – Sun A – 9:30a-10:30a

  • 1st Place * 30 Days

  • 2nd Place * 25-29 Days

  • 3rd Place * 20-24 Days


Getting your body functioning on a higher level with consistent movement will increase your overall energy, mood and vitality. Setting a goal towards this helps you be accountable to your practice. Since we also believe in having fun, we are sweetening the pot and offering prizes to those who attend 20-30 days!

If you attend between 20-30 days, you will be entered for a drawing. These are the current prizes and more are being added:

30 Days = Free 1 Month Unlimited Membership, Gaiam Yoga Bag, 1 30-Minute Scenic Air Tour for 2

29-25 Days = Free 10 Class Pack, Gaiam Yoga Towel

25-20 Days = Free 5 Class Pack

How To Prepare

We have announced the challenge early enough so you can start establishing your practice. Going little to no yoga to 30-days is an intense physical and mental challenge. It is highly recommended to prepare for a 30-day challenge by attending a yoga class at least 2-3 times a week for 2-3 weeks. Then increasing 4-5 times for 1-2 weeks. This way you can start conditioning your body and mentally preparing for practice.


There is no additional cost to participate in the challenge – it is the normal class rate! Class packs and memberships are increasing August 1st! We suggest to purchase the 3-Month Unlimited pass before the prices increase on August 1st! This way you’ll have the benefit of saving money each month and have the freedom to attend as many classes for the next 3 months (even for the challenge)!

3-Month Unlimited special is $295 (normally $345)
1-Month Unlimited Normal Rate is $119

I’m in! Where Do I Sign Up!?

You can either sign up at the studio (there will be a clipboard to write your name), or you can email yogahouseco@gmail.com that you’re interested in participating.  You must sign up so we can track your attendance. However, if you sign up and aren’t able to attend as much as you thought – no worries! There’s no obligation for signing up!

This is meant to be a fun challenge to help us all on our yoga journey. We will celebrate on September 30th at a local restaurant (time and place to be determined) and all are welcome!

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