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Yoga House Offers Online Classes

Yoga House Goes Online! It has been an interesting few days as COVID-19 is changing the face of our day-to-day lives. Yoga House decided to close before the State mandated our closure because we want to be a part of the solution as we care about social responsibility. It's been a whirlwind trying to grasp these changes and what that means for the future of Yoga House. After a little time away from the noise of the world - we realized what made Yoga House so special was the connection we've built with an incredible community of people. With [...]

Yoga House Offers Online Classes2020-03-23T19:02:21-07:00

Yoga House & The Coronavirus

Yoga House & The COVID-19 ** UPDATE AS OF MARCH 24th, 2020** We are excited to announce that Yoga House will now offer classes online! You may find more information via the button below. ONLINE YOGA CLASSES UPDATE AS OF MARCH 15th, 2020 ⚠️COVID-19 Update - Temporary Studio Closure ⚠️ Yoga House has decided to be proactive and will be temporarily closing the studio beginning tomorrow morning to do our part to practice social distancing and keep our community safe. As of now, the studio will temporarily closed from Monday March 16th to Saturday March 28th. Please [...]

Yoga House & The Coronavirus2020-03-23T18:39:12-07:00

5 Steps to Starting a Yoga Practice

5 Steps to Starting a Yoga Practice Interested in yoga but haven’t been into the studio yet? Here’s how to get started and what to expect as you begin your practice at Yoga House! Check the schedule Start by finding a class time that works well for your schedule by checking our calendar here. The most important thing about choosing a class is that it is a realistic fit for your schedule and compliments your lifestyle.  Choose a class  You can read a full description of each of our classes on the Yoga House website here. If you have [...]

5 Steps to Starting a Yoga Practice2020-02-25T16:30:38-07:00

Looking towards 2020

The Year, 2019 Each time I began to write this article, I kept coming back to the foremost thing that has kept Yoga House growing and glowing - OUR COMMUNITY - and I wanted to start this blog expressing my immense gratitude! 2019 was a wonderful year for the studio! Join me as we look back at 2019, and look towards 2020! 2019 2019 was a pivotal year for Yoga House as we had such a transformational year. At the beginning of this year we switched software programs from Zen Planner to MINDBODY to help us better [...]

Looking towards 20202019-12-18T13:22:14-07:00

Yoga Festival Reflections

Reflecting... It's almost hard to believe that just one month ago there was a huge buzz in town, a whirlwind of activity to transform the County Event Center into a magical yoga space, and yogis milling about to attend the first ever Montrose Yoga Festival. And if we may toot our own horn - the festival turned out SPECTACULARLY!  There was a lot that went into hosting this event, and we'd like to tell the story in gratitude for all those that helped make this feat an incredible success. Photo by Paul Hurschmann The Beginning This June, [...]

Yoga Festival Reflections2019-11-05T22:40:33-07:00

Festival Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions The yoga festival is upon us and we are excited to unveil and share so many great things at this event. For the general public, the vendor space is free entry. Click HERE to see the list of amazing and unique vendors. For festival goers - we have 1-class passes, Day Passes and the full 3-Day Passes with prices going up on Monday. Click HERE for pricing and to register.  If you're new and wondering what some of the workshops / classes are all about, here is a quick description of what each offering is about. [...]

Festival Class Descriptions2019-10-10T04:21:52-07:00

Private Trauma Sensitive Yoga Sessions

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Openings are now available to schedule private, one-on-one Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) sessions at Yoga House with certified instructor, Kylie Davis.  What Is Trauma Sensitive Yoga? TSY is a body oriented approach to recovery and reconnection following trauma. Trauma is generally defined as an event or experience that overwhelms our ability to cope and yet every individual’s trauma is unique and deeply personal. TSY addresses the somatic impact of trauma on the body and empowers survivors to reconnect with their bodies and exercise the power of choice. TSY supports reconnecting with yourself and others on the [...]

Private Trauma Sensitive Yoga Sessions2019-08-26T22:00:44-07:00

Congratulations to Chanel for Earning ERYT!

Congratulations!! Chanel Earns Experienced Yoga Instructor Chanel is a force to be reckoned with - she's driven, passionate, willing to learn, explore and an extraordinary visionary. We are more than grateful to have her a part of Yoga House's instruction team. Just recently, Chanel earned Yoga Alliance's "Experienced Yoga Instructor" or ERYT status - which means you need to keep up with your continuing education, and teach a minimum of 1000 hours! Congratulations, Chanel on an incredible achievement! Join us as we learn how Chanel got her start, and her journey to today! When you first started your [...]

Congratulations to Chanel for Earning ERYT!2019-07-16T17:55:23-07:00

Yoga House & Revive Body & Soul Parnter

Yoga House & Revive Body & Soul Partner Classes to Benefit Life Choices Family Resource Center Revive Body and Soul Yoga founder, Cheri Axtell and owner of Yoga House have partnered together using yoga as their vehicle. On a quest to support each other's  goals, the two entities were brainstorming on how they could collaborate on a bigger mission. In no time, it became clear to provide a class that would benefit a charity in the community. Thus, Revive at Yoga House! Revive at Yoga House will be lead by Revive Body & Soul instructors (some of whom are [...]

Yoga House & Revive Body & Soul Parnter2019-11-05T22:44:45-07:00

Nutritional Workshop at Yoga House

Nutrition The Trends, The Basics, and What Will Work for You A valuable workshop discovering and learning about: Trends such as fad diets, the truth about wheat, gluten, dairy, and sugars Eating Whole Foods for a healthy body Why a multivitamin is ALMOST always useful - and what kinds to look for Time for individual questions and needs to be covered About Marcy My name is Marsi Steigerwald, I graduated with a degree focused on global public health and human nutrition. I have not only studied nutrition but I also live it; following numerous diagnoses of [...]

Nutritional Workshop at Yoga House2019-08-20T14:39:54-07:00