Yoga House Offers Online Classes

Yoga House Goes Online! It has been an interesting few days as COVID-19 is changing the face of our day-to-day lives. Yoga House decided to close before the State mandated our closure because we want to be a part of the solution as we care about social responsibility. It's been a whirlwind trying to grasp these changes and what that means for the future of Yoga House. After a little time away from the noise of the world - we realized what made Yoga House so special was the connection we've built with an incredible community of people. With [...]

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Tai Chi at Yoga House

What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi is a practice of moving meditation originating in ancient Chinese martial arts tradition. There are 5 different branches or styles of Tai Chi including Chen, Yang, Wu, Hao, and Sun. At Yoga House, instructor Jan Graves teaches the Sun style of Tai Chi which is known for its benefits for arthritis and joint health. Sun Tai Chi The Sun style of Tai Chi is one of the youngest forms of Tai Chi and is named after Sun Lu-tang, an expert martial artist who developed the form in the 1860s. Sun Tai Chi is [...]

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Top 5 Tips Committing to Your Yoga Practice

Committing to Your Yoga Practice in 2020 As each new year begins, we make resolutions to develop healthy habits and create positive change in our lives. As yogis we aspire to establish a consistent yoga practice and spend more time on our mats. Committing to practicing yoga has numerous benefits for our physical and mental health but developing a regular yoga practice takes time and it can be a challenge to make it to our mats consistently.  Here are 5 practical tips for committing to your yoga practice in 2020.  1. Set a measurable goal When setting [...]

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Do You Have to Be Flexible to Start a Yoga Practice?

Do You Have to Be Flexible to Start a Yoga Practice? As a yoga instructor, I often hear my friends say something along the lines of “Oh, I’m not flexible enough to do yoga” or even, “I’d love to try yoga but I can’t touch my toes.”  The idea that you have to be a naturally flexible or bendy person to start a yoga practice is a MYTH. In fact, often the opposite is true and beginners are drawn to yoga as a tool to increase flexibility. This was true for me when I first began practicing yoga. As [...]

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The Top 5 Benefits of Pranayama

Benefits of Pranayama Yoga is rich with many philosophies, traditions, and even science in the practice. We love that it’s called a practice since each day we continue to discover so many aspects of the ancient discipline. Today, we uncover what is pranayama and its top 5 benefits.  Prana means ‘life force’ or ‘breath’ and ayama means ‘control’ or ‘restraint.’ Together, pranayama is considered “control of the breath” and practiced as a variety of yogic breathing techniques or exercises. Pranayama is the fourth pillar of the 8-limb meditative path described in Pantajali’s Yoga Sutras. Breath is considered the most [...]

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Looking towards 2020

The Year, 2019 Each time I began to write this article, I kept coming back to the foremost thing that has kept Yoga House growing and glowing - OUR COMMUNITY - and I wanted to start this blog expressing my immense gratitude! 2019 was a wonderful year for the studio! Join me as we look back at 2019, and look towards 2020! 2019 2019 was a pivotal year for Yoga House as we had such a transformational year. At the beginning of this year we switched software programs from Zen Planner to MINDBODY to help us better [...]

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Yoga House & Revive Body & Soul Parnter

Yoga House & Revive Body & Soul Partner Classes to Benefit Life Choices Family Resource Center Revive Body and Soul Yoga founder, Cheri Axtell and owner of Yoga House have partnered together using yoga as their vehicle. On a quest to support each other's  goals, the two entities were brainstorming on how they could collaborate on a bigger mission. In no time, it became clear to provide a class that would benefit a charity in the community. Thus, Revive at Yoga House! Revive at Yoga House will be lead by Revive Body & Soul instructors (some of whom are [...]

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Nutritional Workshop at Yoga House

Nutrition The Trends, The Basics, and What Will Work for You A valuable workshop discovering and learning about: Trends such as fad diets, the truth about wheat, gluten, dairy, and sugars Eating Whole Foods for a healthy body Why a multivitamin is ALMOST always useful - and what kinds to look for Time for individual questions and needs to be covered About Marcy My name is Marsi Steigerwald, I graduated with a degree focused on global public health and human nutrition. I have not only studied nutrition but I also live it; following numerous diagnoses of [...]

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Yoga House Turns 1!

Yoga House's 1st Birthday! Year One The first thing that comes to mind as we celebrate our first year is GRATITUDE. I have immense gratitude for the instructors who walked into my life to take a chance on being a part of a brand new studio. I have incredible gratitude for the people that have walked through these doors to check us out - with many who've become our community, and our family. Gratitude for those that have reached out to hold seminars, workshops, and to partner with us. This is just a quick moment to look back at [...]

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International Day of Yoga at Yoga House

International Day of Yoga What is International Day of Yoga? In 2014, The United Nations declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga, and a record 175 member states have joined in the celebration! On this International Day of Yoga, help us brighten up the world by sharing your inner light! We invite you to make a conscious and awakened choice to improve someone else's day in whatever way feels natural to you. Collectively, we have the potential to create millions of connections and positive ripples that can make a meaningful and significant impact on society. [...]

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