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Yoga House Offers Pre-Natal Classes


Pre-Natal Yoga Pre-Natal Yoga Yoga House is pleased to now be able to accommodate mommas-to-be in a few of our regularly scheduled classes! Since each momma is in a different phase of pregnancy and skill level, Yoga House still wanted to be able to welcome mommas into classes. There aren't any specific pre-natal yoga classes on the schedule (yet). However, several Yoga House instructors have been trained in pre-natal yoga and now are able to welcome mommas of any skill level and trimester into their classes! Benefits of pre-natal yoga? The Mayo Clinic states that, "Research suggests [...]

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Yoga House Introduces Community Classes


Community Classes The Mission One of Yoga House's Core Values is: "MAKING YOGA ACCESSIBLE TO ALL: Having a welcoming and authentic environment having classes that fit the needs of the community and opportunities to grow." Community Classes are a Donation-Based class offered on Sunday's beginning March 2019. Although our prices are comparable to surrounding studios in the region and under average nation wide, we believe having a Community Class will help us bridge the gap for those who otherwise might not be able to afford our regular rates. The Details It's simple! Anyone interested in trying out yoga [...]

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Yoga House Partners with The Phoenix Gym


Introducing The Phoenix Gym The Mission From The Phoenix: The Phoenix answers the question of "what's next" for those leaving treatment or pursuing a sober life by fostering a free, sober, active community where individuals can find a healthy, positive, and welcoming environment.  The Phoenix Gym has created a chapter in Montrose by partnering with Yoga House and Agoge Fitness! Learn more about the Phoenix Gym and it's mission HERE. Free Yoga & Crossfit Classes Yoga House is thrilled to be able to offer FREE Yoga classes for those looking for a sober lifestyle, in a supportive environment, [...]

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Hot Yoga at Colorado Yoga House


Hot Yoga: What You Need to Know Hot Yoga Intro Hot Yoga is all the craze in yoga, and there's good reason why. Hot yoga is derived from the popular Bikram Yoga popularized in the 1970s by its founder Bikram Choudhury. Bikram is a type of hot yoga class practiced in rooms between 95-108 degrees, and consists of the same 26 postures repeated. Hot yoga is a fitness style yoga class that uses heat, but not under the strict Bikram style of 26 postures, but open to explore other asanas and flow. In this article we'll explore the benefits [...]

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