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Yoga Festival Reflections

Reflecting... It's almost hard to believe that just one month ago there was a huge buzz in town, a whirlwind of activity to transform the County Event Center into a magical yoga space, and yogis milling about to attend the first ever Montrose Yoga Festival. And if we may toot our own horn - the festival turned out SPECTACULARLY!  There was a lot that went into hosting this event, and we'd like to tell the story in gratitude for all those that helped make this feat an incredible success. Photo by Paul Hurschmann The Beginning This June, [...]

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Festival Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions The yoga festival is upon us and we are excited to unveil and share so many great things at this event. For the general public, the vendor space is free entry. Click HERE to see the list of amazing and unique vendors. For festival goers - we have 1-class passes, Day Passes and the full 3-Day Passes with prices going up on Monday. Click HERE for pricing and to register.  If you're new and wondering what some of the workshops / classes are all about, here is a quick description of what each offering is about. [...]

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Private Trauma Sensitive Yoga Sessions

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Openings are now available to schedule private, one-on-one Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) sessions at Yoga House with certified instructor, Kylie Davis.  What Is Trauma Sensitive Yoga? TSY is a body oriented approach to recovery and reconnection following trauma. Trauma is generally defined as an event or experience that overwhelms our ability to cope and yet every individual’s trauma is unique and deeply personal. TSY addresses the somatic impact of trauma on the body and empowers survivors to reconnect with their bodies and exercise the power of choice. TSY supports reconnecting with yourself and others on the [...]

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Congratulations to Chanel for Earning ERYT!

Congratulations!! Chanel Earns Experienced Yoga Instructor Chanel is a force to be reckoned with - she's driven, passionate, willing to learn, explore and an extraordinary visionary. We are more than grateful to have her a part of Yoga House's instruction team. Just recently, Chanel earned Yoga Alliance's "Experienced Yoga Instructor" or ERYT status - which means you need to keep up with your continuing education, and teach a minimum of 1000 hours! Congratulations, Chanel on an incredible achievement! Join us as we learn how Chanel got her start, and her journey to today! When you first started your [...]

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Introducing Instructor: Kathy Musgrave

Introducing: Kathy Musgrave Many of you have already had the pleasure of meeting Kathy - she starting subbing for us for about a month and she now has her own class (and still subs) on Tuesday's at 6:30p for beginners. She's passionate and motivated and we're happy to have her a part of the Yoga House instructional team! Where are you from? I grew up and went to college in North Carolina and have spent the last 20 years living in Wyoming and Colorado. Montrose became my home in 2015 when I was looking to start over. I [...]

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Introducing Instructor: Kylie Davis

Introducing: Kylie Davis New Yoga House Instructor Many of you may already recognize, Kylie as she's been a regular of Yoga House since nearly the beginning. She's been an integral part of the education system as a speech therapist, loves ice climbing and recently became a yoga instructor. We love her enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge, and open mindedness and already know she'll be a great addition to the instructor team! Kylie will begin subbing classes throughout the month of April and in May, she'll have her own class on Tuesday's 6am called, Recovery for Athletes. It'll be a great [...]

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Introducing Instructor: Dee Miller

Introducing: Dee Miller Yoga House Instructor Dee is a compassionate instructor who thrives in continuing to evolve and challenge her own personal practice and students. She has an abundance of knowledge that shines through her classes. Dee has been with Yoga House since our doors open in June of 2018 and teaches a variety of classes from Iyengar to flow to leading classes through journey's. We're incredibly honored to have Dee a part of our team! Where are you from? I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and moved throughout the United States, always with Colorado as our family's [...]

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Introducing Instructor: Chanel Brooks

Introducing: Chanel Brooks Yoga House Instructor Chanel is a power house of wisdom, flow and hot yoga! She began her journey with Yoga House in September, only a few short months after the studio's grand opening. Chanel is a wealth of information and leads strong and inspired classes. She also has established herself as a leader, sharing her knowledge and passion of yoga - not only in her classes - but in her workshops. WORKSHOPS Where are you from? I am originally from laguna beach California. I moved to Telluride Colorado when I was junior in high [...]

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Introducing Instructor: Erin Porteous

Introducing: Erin Porteous Yoga House Instructor Erin is nearly a regular instructor at Yoga House! She is one of our go-to subs as she also balances co-owning an interior design business, Petula Designs. She also teaches private classes for as, and she's our Pre-Natal instructor. In February 2019 she will be holding a Pre-Natal workshop to lead our community in accommodating mommas into their class. Where are you from? I am a native of Montrose and belong to a fourth generation farming family.  I love the simplicity of small town living mixed with the historic beauty of the [...]

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Introducing Instructor: Elie Malloy

Introducing: Elie Malloy Yoga House Instructor Elie is one of the first, original instructors of Yoga House having started just a few short weeks after our Grand Opening. She leads an energetic, sport flow and teaches Vinyasa Flow and HIIT Yoga classes. Not only is she an incredible instructor, she is an amazing person whom we adore and appreciate. Grab a seat and tea as we get to know someone who believed in the Yoga House mission and now is a staple of our growing community! Where are you from? I grew up in San Diego and Colorado [...]

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