5 Steps to Starting a Yoga Practice

Interested in yoga but haven’t been into the studio yet? Here’s how to get started and what to expect as you begin your practice at Yoga House!

Check the schedule

Start by finding a class time that works well for your schedule by checking our calendar here. The most important thing about choosing a class is that it is a realistic fit for your schedule and compliments your lifestyle. 

Choose a class 

You can read a full description of each of our classes on the Yoga House website here. If you have flexibility in your schedule, one of the Lunch Flow, Candlelight Yoga or Vinyasa classes are all excellent choices for beginners. However, if another class time works best for you, you are more than welcome to check it out! 

Sign up 

From the studio calendar, select ‘book’ on the right hand side. The site will prompt you to create a username and password and reserve the class for you on Mind Body, our scheduling software. You can choose to pay for the class in advance online or wait and pay in the studio. Reserving a spot by booking the class online is recommended but not required. You can set all of this up in person at the studio as well and drop-ins are always welcome. 

yoga props at yoga house studio

Show up early 

It’s always a good idea to come to your first class 15 minutes early so you can sign a waiver, check in and get acquainted with the studio. We have yoga mats and props you can use. Let the instructor know it is your first class and tell them about any injuries or other considerations for your practice so that they can provide assistance and recommend modifications if needed. 

Stay late

Stay after the class to share your experience with other students and the instructor. Talk about which postures felt good and which parts of the class were challenging. Ask questions. You’re always welcome to ask the instructor to break down a specific pose after class, in fact, we love having the opportunity to provide individual feedback to our students and teach safe alignment for your body. 

Keep an open mind as you practice and remember, it takes time to learn something new. Be patient with yourself and celebrate small victories. Always feel free to rest and modify poses whenever you need to, in any yoga class. 

You can also join the Yoga House Facebook Community to ask questions, connect with other local yogis and get real-time studio updates. 

See you at the studio! 

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