8 limbs for life :  A Yoga Course

Journey to the fruit within

The Yoga Sutras were the first written formula of Yoga. We first relate and walk the path with a moral compass of Non violence, Non stealing, Truthfulness, Non attachment and Moderation and or boundaries. We then take upon a personal code of conduct of purity, contentment, discipline, self study and devotion. Moving us to refine the body and mind with asana (postures) and pranayama (breath), only to liberate ourselves through going with in. Where we find deep ecstatic concentration or “Focus”. We block out the outside noise and began to uncover our greatest depth of truth through our internal focus that becomes a living Meditation an eternal oneness and knowingness where all gifts and true purpose are unveiled. Samadhi. What you seek and deeply desire is already inside you. Your greatest joy, love, and inspiration is already within you, it is you. Through this journey we will come to understand how our minds work and how they steer our perspectives, how we see and know the world and ourselves. We will gain insight on truth of who we are and how to take the reins of the mind to create the experience we want to live.

Join us as we journey within to truth and beyond!

As of signing up for this continuing education yoga course we will send you a welcome letter along with suggested readings. There are no books required for this course, however we believe the selected readings are paramount to staying the path of the 8 limbs. They are incredibly fruitful texts that can help the practitioner through any aspect of their lives. Beyond the course. 

This is an eight week course of 60-90min sessions.

We will meet each week on Sundays @6:45p

In each session we will go over that limb for the week, check in with each other, review the limb before in reflection. We will move and breathe, talk about incorporating the current limb into our daily lives and how it can deeply serve us in ways that are suitable to our own current situations. We will create affirmations, set intentions and offer journal prompts about the limb. 

We will create ways to incorporate the 8limbs as a practice in to our daily lives in a way that can help us take control of our minds and thus our experiences. It teaches us how to make the best choices for ourselves from a place of truth and authenticity while feeling deeply content with our circumstances. Living in a deep state of awe and trust with the flow of life. This is the practice of internal synergy an everlasting harmony an everlasting state of ecstatic love. We begin by letting the wisdom meet you where you’re at versus trying to meet it before you are ready. We let the process happen organically.

Each time we meet we will flow through this formula

  • We will ground down with breath and a moment of mindfulness.  
  • We will set intention for ourselves.
  •  We will go over the limb by definition and its properties.
  • Then we will explore our own interpretation and application of the limb’s design in our daily lives.
  • We will get up and move about with the new inspirations.
  • We will finish and segway to our journal prompt.
  • Upholding the practice of ?
  • Journal prompt (Write, journal draw) – We will record our own inspirations and meanderings in any form of choice: journaling,drawing, vlogging etc 
  • Affirmation – We will distill our uncoverings in a phrase, affirmation, action and or sound of choice to sing out and speak our reality.

We will give each a week for each limb to organically move through our own process of observation and application through ways that suit our unique makeup.

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As you sign up for course you can purchase the whole course for $333 with lifetime access to the material or pay per view and have access to one class at a time in person or live stream. Each class is $44

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If you decide not to do the course with us in real time you can purchase it on our website with lifetime access to the material. If you are interested but want to know more you can follow along with us on our Facebook Community Group with suggested reading where we will add snippets of our sessions along with various selected journal prompts. We will be hosting a sutra talk once a month live in our facebook community group on the 22nd of each month* where we as a community can incorporate the ancient wisdoms of the sutras in our daily lives via a Sutra Book club. We are wanting to cultivate community around this internal work and are so excited to share these sacred gifts with YOU!

*time and dates subject to change

Suggested Reading:

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translation Sri Swami Satchidananda

Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison

Living the Sutras by Kelly Dinardo and Amy Pearcec-Hayden

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