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Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude Meditation By Kylie Davis At the Montrose Yoga Festival, I had the opportunity to teach a gratitude yoga practice which began with a guided gratitude meditation. A few have requested a copy of the meditation and so I decided to share it here on the blog. I hope it touches you and brings your heart and mind into a posture of thankfulness. There are blessings all around us, what a gift to breathe, to think, to move, with every breath we can be thankful! Cultivating a life of gratitude requires practice. What we choose to focus on grows [...]

Gratitude Meditation2020-05-08T14:19:06-07:00

Preparing for the Yoga Triathalon

Preparing for the Yoga Triathalon If you’re interested in signing up for the yoga triathlon in May but hesitant about the run/walk portion, you’re not alone and we’re here to support you as you take on this new challenge!  Read on for an 8-week training plan to help get you ready for the event.  Running or walking a “5K” is five kilometers, which comes out to 3.1 miles. From Yoga House, we’ll head up Main Street to the West Main Trailhead and into River Bottom Park. Our turnaround point is at the bridge above the Water Sports Park, where [...]

Preparing for the Yoga Triathalon2020-02-27T21:26:29-07:00

Make Your Own Yoga Mat Wash

Make Your Own Yoga Mat Wash Yoga House is vigilant about keeping the studio space and props clean, especially during flu season! One of the best ways to prevent infection is by washing the yoga mats after every use.  If you have your own mat, you’re welcome to use the studio cleaning supplies but may want something for home and travel as well. The mat wash we use at the yoga studio is by Black Diamond Stoneworks and can be purchased on Amazon. We also recommend the mat wash spray from Manduka which comes in ginger or lavender scent. [...]

Make Your Own Yoga Mat Wash2020-03-15T11:58:05-07:00

10 Common Yoga Terms

10 Common Yoga Terms Ever go to a yoga class and hear an instructor use a word ending with “ayama” or “asana” and wonder what it means? Since yoga’s roots trace back to ancient India, many of the postures and principles of the practice were originally named in the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is a classical language of India and is one of the oldest known languages in the world. It can be intimidating to hear instructors use unfamiliar terms or speak in a different language in a yoga class. Here are 10 common Sanskrit terms you might hear in [...]

10 Common Yoga Terms2020-02-25T15:58:51-07:00

Buying Your First Yoga Mat

Buying Your First Yoga Mat If you’ve been practicing yoga for awhile now you’ve probably thought about purchasing your very own yoga mat. Buying your first mat is a milestone in your yoga journey, marking a desire to deepen your practice.  The Benefits of Owning Your Own Mat Owning a yoga mat is a fun way to personalize your practice and often becomes a well-loved companion, a reminder of the joys and challenges you’ve encountered throughout the years on your mat. I still treasure my first yoga mat, even though it’s worn out and too thin to support my [...]

Buying Your First Yoga Mat2020-02-16T11:07:55-07:00

Tai Chi at Yoga House

What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi is a practice of moving meditation originating in ancient Chinese martial arts tradition. There are 5 different branches or styles of Tai Chi including Chen, Yang, Wu, Hao, and Sun. At Yoga House, instructor Jan Graves teaches the Sun style of Tai Chi which is known for its benefits for arthritis and joint health. Sun Tai Chi The Sun style of Tai Chi is one of the youngest forms of Tai Chi and is named after Sun Lu-tang, an expert martial artist who developed the form in the 1860s. Sun Tai Chi is [...]

Tai Chi at Yoga House2020-03-19T14:38:31-07:00

Top 5 Tips Committing to Your Yoga Practice

Committing to Your Yoga Practice in 2020 As each new year begins, we make resolutions to develop healthy habits and create positive change in our lives. As yogis we aspire to establish a consistent yoga practice and spend more time on our mats. Committing to practicing yoga has numerous benefits for our physical and mental health but developing a regular yoga practice takes time and it can be a challenge to make it to our mats consistently.  Here are 5 practical tips for committing to your yoga practice in 2020.  1. Set a measurable goal When setting [...]

Top 5 Tips Committing to Your Yoga Practice2020-01-28T16:57:37-07:00

Do You Have to Be Flexible to Start a Yoga Practice?

Do You Have to Be Flexible to Start a Yoga Practice? As a yoga instructor, I often hear my friends say something along the lines of “Oh, I’m not flexible enough to do yoga” or even, “I’d love to try yoga but I can’t touch my toes.”  The idea that you have to be a naturally flexible or bendy person to start a yoga practice is a MYTH. In fact, often the opposite is true and beginners are drawn to yoga as a tool to increase flexibility. This was true for me when I first began practicing yoga. As [...]

Do You Have to Be Flexible to Start a Yoga Practice?2020-01-16T15:14:55-07:00

The Top 5 Benefits of Pranayama

Benefits of Pranayama Yoga is rich with many philosophies, traditions, and even science in the practice. We love that it’s called a practice since each day we continue to discover so many aspects of the ancient discipline. Today, we uncover what is pranayama and its top 5 benefits.  Prana means ‘life force’ or ‘breath’ and ayama means ‘control’ or ‘restraint.’ Together, pranayama is considered “control of the breath” and practiced as a variety of yogic breathing techniques or exercises. Pranayama is the fourth pillar of the 8-limb meditative path described in Pantajali’s Yoga Sutras. Breath is considered the most [...]

The Top 5 Benefits of Pranayama2020-01-15T08:57:09-07:00
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