Hormone Balance Yoga

For Women

Rebalance your hormones with Hormone Yoga. A unique practice of yoga derived from Hatha, kundalini, and Tibetan energy technique to reactivate the main endocrine glands: hypophysis, ovaries, thyroids, and adrenals. 

Relive symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as insomnia, belly fat, low libido, declining bone density, hot flashes, anxiety, and dryness.

Hormone yoga techniques includes:

  • Static and dynamic asanas
  • Energizing pranayama techniques
  • Calming pranayama techniques
  • Techniques to move the energy and direct the energy
  • Mudras-Bandhas-Mantras
  • Relaxation, harmonization, and balancing chakras

Hormones are chemical messengers produced by specific glands. Ovaries are the main producers of two main female hormones- Estrogen and progesterone. Most hormone systems are controlled by double feedback such as interaction between pituitary and ovaries and interaction of hypophysis, thyroids, and ovaries. 

Knowledge is POWER!

This workshop is not just asana and pranayama practices. It’s also an in-depth learning journey on creating a life-long healthier lifestyle by educating yourself about how to navigate menopause symptoms with not only yoga and exercise but with foods that promote hormone, gut, thyroid, and adrenal health, suggested meal plans and recipes, foods to avoid and foods to add to your diet. Each workshop begins with: 

brief introduction about the asana practice of the day, techniques, and adaptations

Demonstration and group practice of the asana sequence for the month

Education on hormone health using food and ingredients that promote healthy weight, mind and body the natural way.

Ending with Journal and sharing

By the 3rd workshop you will walk away with clear knowledge and understanding of your hormones and a tool box filled with daily practices, relaxation and breathing techniques, list of foods, easy meal plans and recipes to keep you healthy, vibrant, and confident in your beautiful journey from now and the rest of your life.  

According to Dr. Stacy T. Sims, MSc, PhD

Because of hormonal changes, your menopausal body is much different and responds differently.

  1. Blood vessels are less compliant, and your body is less tolerant of core temperature fluctuations.  This means that your blood pressure changes are slower and you can’t handle being hot as well.
  2. Menopausal/PostMenopausal women sweat later in activity and vasodilate longer.  i.e. your body tries to get rid of heat by sending more blood to the skin instead of relying on sweating to cool you off for a longer period of time.
  3. You will be more sensitive to carbohydrates. More blood sugar swings and less need for carbohydrate overall
  4. The body uses protein less effectively.  The type and quality of protein you  eat and when you eat it becomes very important for building lean mass and holding onto it
  5. During exercise and exertion, you may experience less power production and ability to create muscle. When exercising, train for power, not for endurance!  This can also help with balance as we age!)


Yes! Now more than ever. And not just your female sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone – the whole enchilada! During postmenopause, you should work on balancing adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones, and hormones that regulate blood sugar too! Many of the symptoms women contribute to low estrogen are often due to other hormones in the body. Living a life of balance will significantly improve your health during the postmenopausal years. 


Join us for a Hormone Balance Yoga Workshop at Yoga House this Fall 

Afsi, our guest teacher will be teaching one “in person & virtual” workshop a month during the fall and a virtual hormone yoga classes during the weeks in between workshops

Starting September 25th 1-4pm

Oct. 23rd 1-4pm 

Nov. 20th 1-4pm

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Course Schedule


Part 1: 

Female Hormones physiology

Diet and lifestyle

In depth review of techniques and definitions: Movements, Breathing, Bandas

Warm up exercises

Group teaching

Anti-stress meditation

Q & A


Part 2:

Review of part 1

Warm up exercises

Starting on Daily exercises

Group teaching

Yoga Nidra




Part 3:

Putting it all together!

In depth Review of techniques in part 1 & part two

Group practice and demonstrations

Yoga nidra 

Complete Daily Exercises

Harmonization of hormones with chakra clearing meditation



Hormone Imbalance Quiz


About the Teacher :


Afsi is a Nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor,

Personal Trainer, and Hormone Health Coach. She is a mother of 3 children, a cat,

and a puppy. She loves hiking with her dog, cuddling with her cat, and cooking meals

with her husband.

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