Spring Kitchari Cleanse

Kitchari Cleanse | Rest, Restore, Recover

Let’s start our spring cleansing from the inside out.

Our bodies are very much synced with nature, during seasonal changes, just as Mama Gaia(Nature), we too go through significant changes. To help our bodies shift into the next season, a cleanse is recommended in Ayurveda to support the transition and make it as easy as possible. Cleanse can be perceived as starving the body but it’s more about simplifying what we put in our bodies. This cleanse is a mono-diet consisting of kitchari, drinking lots of fluids and an Ayurvedic herb called Triphala, which supports and optimizes the cleansing process.

The cleanse period at the studio will span for a month during the shift of seasons. Folks can try it out from anywhere of 1 – 14 days. This time frame is open for folks to try it out during different times during the month. We have several options whether you want to follow along for free via the facebook Yoga House community making your Kitchari at home with recipe/ videos, or going all the way with having all your meals chef prepared of Organic Kitchari, Soups and stewed fruits, all made from the same veggies in your kitchari to mix it up and still mono diet. If you sign up for Cleanse through the studio you will receive a small dosha quiz, self care goody bag, a journal just for cleanse, all meals prepared for your desired time and unlimited Yoga + Meditation. We will have you take a dosha quiz so we know exactly the right ingredients for your unique constitutional make up to optimize your cleanse. You can pick up your fresh kitchari at the yoga studio every few days when you come for classes to keep it fresh. We look forward to cleansing with you!


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga. The Sanskrit term Ayurveda translates to “knowledge of life,” and the principles of this ancient wisdom remind us that the entire web of life is intricately interwoven. With a unique emphasis on total wellness, the art and science of Ayurveda work to harmonize our internal and external worlds.

What is Kitchari? 

Kitchari is an ancient Ayurvedic meal consisting of Mung beans and rice cooked into porridge. Kitchari (kitch-ah-ree) literally means mess – referring to this warm, delicious, satisfying (not messy!) porridge.

The Ayruvedic culture discovered the magic of the Mung bean; they do not cause gas; they are anti-inflammatory; and they are hypo-allergenic.

 What does a Kitchari Cleanse entail?

As a cleanse, kitchari is eaten for 7 days – breakfast, lunch and dinner as a mono diet, meaning eating one food. This limits the diversity of food which helps decrease inflammation while supporting digestive enzymes and the entire process of digestion. A great way to rest and reset the digestion and metabolism. A powerfully nourishing detox. Lets generate and maintain great momentum in this year!

Cleanse will begin 3/28/21!
You can join us for free and follow along on our Facebook community page making all our meals at home or have all your meals made by Chef Adam for just $21 a day for all three meals with unlimited yoga and meditation at studio for 30days after you sign up.

Depending on your comfort level, the cleanse can span up to 4 weeks as the first week we are doing an elimination diet, removing alcohol, sugar, dairy, meat, eggs, caffeine, gluten etc. Followed with the next 5-14days eating only kitchari, followed by the last week of easing your way back into foods with the same elimination diet we started with. Avurvedic cleanses like to start slow so to not shock the body.

You have the option to try this cleanse out for 1-14days, depending on your comfort level of cleansing. If you have never cleansed before or new to Ayurveda this is a great place to start!

5 day cleanse $288

7 day cleanse $333

14 day cleanse $444

These price points reflect:
• All of your meals prepared for 5-14days ( All organic + Local)
• Ayurvedic Self care bag; dry brush, sesame oil for therapeutic self massage also know as, Abhyanga to help relieve inflammation of joint etc. and a journal for svadhyaya or Self Study and Triphala, a herbal supplement to help cleansing process.
• Unlimited Yoga + Meditation for the month ( even if you cleanse for just 5 days)

What is involved in the cleanse?

This cleanse consists of mono dieting, eating Organic fresh kitchari every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner for an extended period of time(anywhere from 1-14days typically). You will also be prompted to drink 3 litters of warm fresh water daily along with participating in self care routine daily in way that suits your schedule. We are also asked to go with in during this time and simplifying all that we consume from Tv, Social media screens, information etc. The first week will consist of an elimination diet of cutting out caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten, meat and dairy. The next week or so of customized cleansing time will consist of eating only kitchari. After we complete our chosen time of mono dieting (1-14days), we will enter back to the original elimination diet, still avoiding meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, processed sugar etc as we slowly integrate with new perspective of nourishment, sustenances and what it means to fuel this vessel. Self study is a large part of this experience as we take our attention within ourselves to see why we operate in manner we do and to make changes toward living the bliss we want to see in ourselves and the world.

Who is leading the cleanse?

The cleanse will be led by Chanel the owner of Yoga House and Elie who has studied Ayurveda for several years.

Chanel and Elie will be assisting with the daily meditations and yoga, as well as helping you further understand how Ayurveda can be worked into your daily life for optimal living and wellness. We will meet weekly via zoom as our weekly check in and support system during this time.

What does the cleanse look like?

For the first week you will be asked to begin eliminating dairy, meat, alcohol, caffeine and any processed foods, slowly moving to a vegetarian diet by the end of the week, if not sooner. Once you have transitioned to a fully vegetarian diet (7 to 10 days), you will begin eating what is known as kitchari* for the next  7 to 14 days depending on your body type. After the mono diet comes to a close, you will begin to slowly introduce vegetables and grains back into your diet, which will be followed by other foods you’d like to begin eating again. This is done slowly over the course of 7 to 10 days to allow the digestive system time to acclimate.

*Kitchari is a mixture of rice, mung dahl beans, fresh and local vegetables, turmeric, mustard, coriander, cumin, ghee, ginger, mineral salt and cilantro.

How does the cleanse aid my mind and soul?

Throughout the thirty days, you will be given a chance to meditate and do yoga every day, or as much as you’d like. This will help facilitate the journey inwards to address any internal conflicts. Additionally, in the self-care bag, you are provided a journal that will prompt and guide you in your journey to your Highest Self, as well as a sacred community to support and hold you as you purge all that’s no longer serving you. The simple diet helps the mind, body and spirit, reset. 

Will I get community support throughout the week?

We will meet virtually on Zoom every Sunday, it is essential to feel supported throughout the week and entire month of this cleanse. To ensure you feel this support, we can also connect on the facebook group called Yoga House community.

Chanel or Elie is available for guidance and support along your journey.

Additionally, there will be self care treatments that you will perform at home, which include dry skin brushing, nasal oiling and irrigation, ear oiling, oil pulling (swishing oil in the mouth) and self-massage. 

Do I need to be local to Montrose?

No, you do not need to be local. There is a 100% virtual option for signing up and participating. If you are virtual, you will receive a self-care bag in the mail, join in on Zoom for all of the gatherings, and have access to all of the virtual-on-demand and live classes available at Yoga House. Sign up early for this option!


In this  Virtual Price Option it includes:

• Self care bag + shipping

• One on one consulation with Elie and Chanel

• Unlimited access to video on demand classes (our class library) + Live virtual yoga

• Zoom meeting gathering each weeks + support via Yoga House Community facebook group.

What does the month look like for this cleanse?

The following outline allows you to see what the cleanse will provide to you for 30-days.

First Week

  • Receive self-care bags (we will mail bags to all virtual people, so key that you sign up early!)
  • Introduce everyone
  • Dosha Quiz giving chef Adam an Idea of what your specific kitchari recipe will be for the cleanse.
  • Begin performing one self-care routine at home each day (dry brush, neti pot, self-massage, oil pulling(mouth swish) or eye /ear oil). You can choose more than one, if you’d like.
  • Go over what to expect, what’s in the bag, answer any questions
  • Do a group meditation & intention setting + journaling on own
  • Elimination Diet 

Week two

  • Yoga + Meditation offered daily at the studio
  • Begin journaling with prompts provided
  • Pick up Kitchari at studio based on your constitution. (Delivery is also an option $25 service fee)
  • Touch base as a community via zoom
  • Choose one self care routine to participate in a day

Week Three (for Full 14 day cleanse)

  • Group check-in on Zoom to see how everyone is doing, chat about what has come up so far as we enter the second week of the kitchari cleanse. 
  •  You will continue picking kitchari up at the studio each day, or a schedule you and Chef Adam agree on.Delivery is all an option for $25 service fee.
  • Self Care routine activity 1-5

Last Week

  • Reintroduce foods still observing the same elimination diet you started with. Warm fluids + supplements.
  • To start the week – Group check-in on Zoom to see how everyone is doing, chat about what has come up so far as we enter the second week of the kitchari cleanse. 
  • Ending the week Closing Zoom Farewell with tea and intention setting

Kitchari Cleanse Pricing

14days 1: $444.00

  • 1-1 Consultation with  Elie & Chanel
  • Self-Care Bag.
  • 2 Weeks Kitchari made by Chef Adam
  • 30 days of yoga + meditation

7days : $333

  • 1-1 Consultation with  Elie
  • Self-Care Bag
  • 1 Week Organic Kitchari made by Chef Adam
  • 30 days of yoga + meditation
  • Weekly group check-in every Sunday

5days: $288

  • 1-1 Consultation with Elie + Chanel
  • Self-Care Bag
  • 5 days of Organic Kitchari made by Chef Adam
  • 30 days of yoga + meditation
  • Weekly group check-in every Sunday

Tiers can be altered to fit your individual needs, so please do not hesitate to to work out a customized cleanse plan for you..

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