Oneness Meditation

By Chanel Brooks

Imagine in this moment that your body is mother earth. Your veins and your blood are the rivers and ocean. Your bones and skin are the mountains and earth we walk on, your hair is the beautiful foliage that grows fuels the inhabitants of the land. 

Imagine your mind is like father sky or the universe. Your eyes are like grandmother moon, bright filled with light and yet enveloped with your depth. Your chakras are beautiful vortexes, powerful places of enchantment.

Imagine yours cells, your cells are all the people, all working together, all working as one. Working to keep mother earth, thriving, strong, beautiful, bountiful and abundant. 

oneness mediation by chanel brooks

Imagine your soul is the infinite, the divine. 

Imagine your heart is the rhythm and the cycles of life, that keep everything alive and connected, working as one, in harmony. 

Imagine your body is mother earth, your mind the universe and all the cosmos, your soul is the infinite, and your heart is the universal energy that connects us all, harmoniously as one.

Close your eyes and Feel that oneness with yourself.

That ever connected union.

Everything within you is in pure harmony, not one aspect of you can work without the other. All of it is whole, complete and sacred.

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When you can see and experience the oneness in self, you can see and experience The oneness in all. That we are all connected, we are all divine, children of the infinite, the eternal mother and eternal father, we are the product of the divine feminine and divine masculine. we are all in union and ever connected much like our bodies and when we work together, we help our mama earth thrive.

Pass it on to our fellow brothers and sisters:

You are loved.

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