Pre-Natal Friendly

Prenatal Friendly Classes

Yoga House understands the need for mommas-to-be to get maintain their health during a precious time in their lives, and we’re excited to now have pre-natal friendly classes at our studio!

prenatal yoga


Since every momma is in a different phase of their pregnancy, and the fluctuating prenatal needs of the community is hard to predict, Yoga House has opted to train our instructors to welcome mommas into their classes, instead of offering just one prenatal class. This option allows for more flexibility in your schedule, try different instructors, and experience different styles of yoga.

Currently, the following classes that are pre-natal friendly are as follows:

Yoga Flow
Yin Yang Flow
Yin Restorative

We’re fortunate to have many trained instructors and hope to offer more styles in the future as we continue to grow. To learn more about the different style of classes offered, click the button below.

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