Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Openings are now available to schedule private, one-on-one Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) sessions at Yoga House with certified instructor, Kylie Davis. 

What Is Trauma Sensitive Yoga?

TSY is a body oriented approach to recovery and reconnection following trauma. Trauma is generally defined as an event or experience that overwhelms our ability to cope and yet every individual’s trauma is unique and deeply personal. TSY addresses the somatic impact of trauma on the body and empowers survivors to reconnect with their bodies and exercise the power of choice. TSY supports reconnecting with yourself and others on the journey of recovery. 

TSY was originally developed under the leadership of Bessel van der Kolk and David Emerson as a tool with the specific purpose of treating complex trauma. TSY shares physical forms and breathing practices of a typical yoga class but is distinctive in terms of the way the classes are facilitated. Each TSY session includes four elements: 

trauma sensitive yoga classes offered at yoga house

(1) Being present. TSY supports increased self-awareness and body-awareness through the practices of interoception and mindfulness by creating opportunities for students to notice and experiment with how they feel in the moment, in each posture or exercise. 

(2) Making choices. TSY supports choice-making and empowerment through invitational language offering you a number of options and modifications in each form.

(3) Taking effective action. TSY supports self-motivated intentional action by incorporating self-awareness and choice-making based on how you feel moment to moment. 

(4) Creating rhythms. TSY supports reconnecting with yourself as well as making positive social connections with others through shared experiences and attunement of breath and movement. 

TSY sessions are highly individualized and taught at your own pace. TSY can be provided one-on-one or in a small group setting with trusted peers. 

yoga instructor kylie davis

About the Instructor

Kylie is a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). She has received additional certifications in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Faith-Based Yoga, Guided Meditation, and Silver Sneakers. Kylie has 10 years of clinical experience providing speech therapy services in schools, long-term acute care hospitals and subacute rehabilitation facilities. She has been practicing yoga since 2009 and has experienced yoga as a tool for personal healing and growth. Her hope in providing trauma sensitive yoga at Yoga House is to share these benefits with others and empower her students to: 

  • Deepen their practice through individual choice making and honoring the body 
  • To connect with themselves and others in meaningful ways
  • Discover practical tools for daily life 
  • Feel more at peace and less reactive
  • Develop self-confidence on and off the yoga mat
  • Feel refreshed and ready to meet life’s challenges

To learn more about the benefits of TSY please contact Yoga House to set up a consultation with Kylie to decide if TSY is right for you. 

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