Signs You’re Ready for an Advanced Yoga Class

Growing With Yoga.

If you’ve memorized Sun Salutation A, feel confident in your down dog and know your limits, then perhaps it’s time to consider challenging yourself and growing in your yoga practice. At Yoga House, we have a variety of classes to keep you inspired, motivated, and challenged. Here are other signs you’re ready for an advanced yoga class.

You’re Body Has Changed

If you began yoga unable to touch your toes or fall over every time you attempted a balance pose; but now, not only can you touch your toes in Uttanasana (standing forward fold), but you feel strong in Chattaranga (push up) and flexible in Trikonasa (Triangle Pose), then it’s a sign your body is positively changing. When you keep up with yoga in your lifestyle and practice often, you’ll find what was once challenging now routine. That change is a sign to try a Power Yoga class. Also keep checking for our upcoming workshops and series.

You’re in the Flow

Another sign of readiness to try an advance class is if you no longer need to look around the room to see what’s happening next. If you can listen, unafraid of sanskrit or pose names, and move intuitively, then you’re in the flow and ready for a challenge.

  • Your Body Has Changed

  • You’re in the Flow

  • You’re Curiosity is Lit

  • Sync Moves with Breath

  • Want to Deepen Your Practice

You’re Curiosity is Lit

Attending the same class over and over can start to become like work. Yes, there will be a bit variation from each class and instructor, but if you only attend Vinyasa Flow, then it is possible to become stagnant in your practice. If this resonates then you must have thought about trying another class! It can be intimidating to go out of your comfort zone! Yes, you’ve gotten your flow down, but it’s worth expanding your knowledge and practice as there are so many benefits!

You’re One With Your Breath

Being able to move in flow or any other practice and not feel out a breath, is a sign that you’ve increased your cardio capacity. How awesome! Next, if you feel comfortable with pranayama (breath) like Ujjayi and it can take you from pose to pose and relax, then it’s one sign you’re ready for an advanced class.

You’re Inspired by the Community

Yoga is a healthy lifestyle and attracts like-minded people. Here at Yoga House we intend to support our community through workshops, series, open houses, and partnering with wellness experts in our community to help further guide our community in healthy living and sustainable practices. The wonderful thing about yoga? It’s everywhere! You can connect with people all over the world with this amazing practice.

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