Yoga & Art Combine Forces

Yoga House Partners with Healthy Rhythm

Yoga House has partnered with Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery to hold one specialty yoga experience once a month at the gallery located at Samplers Square. Each yoga class will be lead by Yoga House instructors, and have an ecclectic experience from having live music, artists painting, photographers photographing and other creative collaborations. Each of these classes will be a unique and an unforgettable experience!

Upcoming Dates:

March 4th @ 7pm | April 1st @ 7p | May 1st @ 6p | June 26th @ 6p | July 1 @ 7p |Aug 12 @ 7p | Sept 23 @ 7p
heather hoeksema rode show

A Night of Mindfulness – March 4th, 2019

Healthy Rhythm Music Services, in collaboration with Singular Architecture (Los Angeles) and Yoga House (Montrose) Presents “HEATHER HOEKSEMA & MELISSA LOWE : A NIGHT OF MINDFULNESS + INDIE FOLK MUSIC” • Monday evening, March 4, 2019, at the Listening Room in Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery at historic Sampler Square (68 S Grand Ave) in downtown Montrose, Colorado!

This is an all-reserved event. Advance Main Gallery Reserved Seating is $35 and Studio Gallery Reserved Seating is $25 when purchased at Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery. Advance online purchase is $37 and $27 ($2 service charge included). After show Meet & Greet with artists is included. Advance purchase is recommended. This is a ticketless event. Show is limited to 45 guests. Admission is $2 more Day of Event (if available).

Meet Heather Hoeksema

Heather A. Hoeksema is an author of experience. With a background in the human sciences and extensive production in the cultural arts, she has developed a conceptual foundation for shaping architectural environments across measurements of time and place. This foundation integrates environments around and within the human body, at all scales of sustainable growth. She intuitively and intentionally integrates physiological health through an understanding of fabrication. Beginning with the journal based story, she cross connects ideologies of natural healing in multiple audio/visual mediums essentially grounded in the sensation of vibrating touch. Linguistics, music, and moving picture/sound are her current focus. As a professional architect she has produced and exhibited architecture internationally for well over two decades, and is currently focusing on composing temporal experience as a precursor process to the fabrication of human environments.

Yoga House Owner, Melissa Lowe

Yoga House owner, Melissa Lowe will share her experience on how she uses yoga to train for world record skydives. Melissa  has been a professional skydiver for over two decades. During her professional career she cross-trained in yoga to train her body, breath and mind to handle world record skydives. Melissa wanted to deepen her yoga practice which lead her to become a certified yoga instructor in 2007. Take a step into the skies as Melissa shares her stories of breaking world records through video and spoken word.

Event Details

Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery
Advance Gallery Purchase
Main Gallery $35 • Studio Gallery $25
Online Purchase:
Doors 6:30 PM • Show 7 PM