Yoga House Goes Online!

It has been an interesting few days as COVID-19 is changing the face of our day-to-day lives. Yoga House decided to close before the State mandated our closure because we want to be a part of the solution as we care about social responsibility. It’s been a whirlwind trying to grasp these changes and what that means for the future of Yoga House.

After a little time away from the noise of the world – we realized what made Yoga House so special was the connection we’ve built with an incredible community of people. With a little grit, strategizing, and a little dreaming, Yoga House will now offer Yoga Classes online!

With these new classes, there are a few changes to expect. We wanted to help make this transition as easy as possible so we created this article to help you navigate these changes.

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Yoga House is offering live streaming, online yoga classes starting, April 1st, 2020! You may access the class schedule and classes HERE. These classes will be streamed live via the Union platform! You may participate in classes on your smartphone or computer. Make sure to set up your space, mat and props, and be ready and logged in 5 minutes prior to the start of class.


This platform is completely separate from MINDBODY. Therefore, MINDBODY passes are not transferrable to this new platform. Here is our online class pricing:

  • Drop-In: $15
  • 3-Class Pack: $40

* Union is working hard to add a new feature of recording our livestreams and adding to a library. So pre-recorded classes may be available to access at any time of the day. 

* If the State mandate continues our closure past May, we are working towards being able to use MINDBODY passes towards Union, but is not guaranteed. 

* Drop-in & Class Packs are non-refundable, and non-transferrable


We are starting with 3-classes a week and we will do our best to maintain a consistent schedule. As classes and demand grow, we will add additional classes and instructors. Due to some instructors working the front lines of this pandemic, and the constant changing for our lives in general, some classes may be re-scheduled. We will keep you updated in real time via our Facebook Community Page

Day Time Instructor Class Level
Tuesday 6:00 PM Nikki Vinyasa Flow Intermediate – Advanced
Wednesday 12:00 PM Melissa Hatha Flow All Levels, Pre-Natal Friendly
Friday 10:00 AM Chanel Soulful Flow All Levels, Pre-Natal Friendly
how can yoga help during covid19?


Yoga House instructors will be leading these online classes through Union, and we are trying our best to mirror our current schedule, so when we get back to normal business, we will transition smoothly to our studio classes.

To start, instructors will be Melissa Lowe, Nikki Schillaci, and Chanel Brooks! You may learn more about each instructor HERE! As we build our online community, we will be adding additional classes from our other instructors.


We understand that life looks different as we practice social distancing and self quarantining. We know that not everyone may have the budget to participate in our online yoga classes, so we will be continuing to offer FREE resources on our private FACEBOOK GROUP, Yoga House Community. We will lead free meditations, tips, pre-recorded classes, playlists, and more! Some sessions may be done via Zoom or Facebook Live and we’ll share the times and/or links when we have them scheduled.


Life is naturally turbulent – riding the waves of ups, and downs. This turbulent time is so new and unknown that it is easy to ride the waves of emotions as each day passes and new information arises about COVID-19. Yoga is an incredible tool that helps us ground down to process the experience in between the waves of feelings, to be able to navigate calmly, and to breathe. We hope to bring that stability, hope, joy and connectivity as we transition online, and to continuing supporting this wonderful community who has helped us build Yoga House to what it is today.

So breathe, soften your shoulders, and know we are with you.

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