Introducing The Phoenix Gym

The Mission

From The Phoenix: The Phoenix answers the question of “what’s next” for those leaving treatment or pursuing a sober life by fostering a free, sober, active community where individuals can find a healthy, positive, and welcoming environment. 

The Phoenix Gym has created a chapter in Montrose by partnering with Yoga House and Agoge Fitness!

Learn more about the Phoenix Gym and it’s mission HERE.

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Free Yoga & Crossfit Classes

Yoga House is thrilled to be able to offer FREE Yoga classes for those looking for a sober lifestyle, in a supportive environment, and to build a healthy community. The Phoenix Gym’s only requirement is 48 hours of sobriety, and a Code of Conduct agreement! These classes are strictly for those in recovery. 


The Phoenix Gym has also partnered with Agoge Crossfit and between Yoga House and Agoge Crossfit, a class is held each week. Here is the schedule:

Yoga Classes will be held every 1st & 3rd Wednesday’s at 5:30p at Yoga House’s studio at 207 E. Main St. | Montrose, CO
Crossfit will be held every 2nd & 4th Monday’s at 7pm at 475 Water Ave., Montrose, CO
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Ready to Try A Class?

Colorado Yoga House is open 6 days of the week and during some months, open 7 days a week. Yoga House encompasses instructors with various backgrounds and teaching styles so you can always continue to discover the depths of this amazing discipline. Click below to see our current schedule, and we look forward to seeing you in class!

You may find updated schedules, connect with others in our area with the Phoenix – Montrose Facebook Page HERE.

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