Yoga Trapeze

What is Yoga Trapeze?

Recently, Instructor and Owner, Melissa Lowe became a certified Yoga Trapeze instructor and here at Yoga House, we are excited to be offering this unique, challenging and incredibly fun class! So what is this Yoga Trapeze?

A yoga trapeze is a swing-like contraption that allows you to hang from it in various ways. It also acts as a tool in many other yoga postures and muscle strengthening techniques. – The Journey Junkie

The Yoga Trapeze is very similar to the Yoga Swing, or Aerial Yoga, but Yoga Trapeze stands on its own – its own brand, equipment, and certified training.

yoga trapeze classes at yoga house

What are the benefits of Yoga Trapeze?

There are a myriad of benefits to the Yoga Trapeze! So many, we’ll quickly outline them here:

  • Inversion Therapy – being able to create space between the vertebrae in a natural spinal traction
  • Uses Strength Not Available in Mat Yoga – the yoga trapeze allows you to build grip strength and work on the posterior chain
  • Access to Support Depth in Poses – the Yoga Trapeze acts like a tool to support deeper backbends and other poses
  • Makes Inversions Accessible – there are so many benefits to inversions but sometimes are hard on the body, not so with the Yoga Trapeze!

Who Can & Cannot Do Yoga Trapeze?

Many take Yoga Trapeze classes to help relieve back pain, take their practice out of the ordinary, out of curiosity to get out of their comfort zone to try something new.  However, Yoga Trapeze is a strenuous exercise and practitioners must be mindful of their health before engaging in this class. If you are in general good health and you’re willing to try Yoga Trapeze – then this class is for you. If you’re questioning if it’s for you, here are our general health considerations:

  • Pregnant woman may not participate
  • Those taking any pain medication, subscribed or over-the-counter (this includes Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.)
  • Older adults must have permission from their doctor to participate in this activity
  • Those with high blood pressure must also have permission from their doctor to participate
  • Those with osteoporosis must have doctors permission to participate
  • Weight limit is 200 pounds

Yoga Trapeze is a wonderfully, challenging class that is full of surprises that helps mades some poses more accessible, incorporates strengthening the posterior chain not achieved in a traditional mat practice, and is fun! Please take care when considering this class and we look forward to welcoming you to this practice!

Class Schedule

Yoga Trapeze will begin in June and happen every 2nd & 4th Friday’s at 6pm. The classes are limited to 4 people and are Discovery Classes where we will learn how to rig the trapeze, learn how to get in/out of trapeze, and learn basic moves. Discovery classes are $25/each.

A discovery class is mandatory before attending a General Trapeze Class which will begin in September.

yoga trapeze inversion

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