Colorado Yoga House

A Look at the Beginning

When new resident, Melissa Lowe came to Montrose, she immediately tried to find a yoga studio to reconnect with her on-again-off-again practice. Melissa couldn’t find a class that would work with her schedule, nor offered challenging classes as she’d been a long-time practitioner and instructor for the last decade.

Almost at random, Melissa came home and told her husband she thought she should open her own studio, and without hesitation her husband suggested an open store front in downtown Montrose – the now current location.

She agreed and from idea to opening the doors, it was about thirty days!

The First Few Months

Yoga House seemed like an instant success with over sixty people joining within the first few months, and adding incredibly experienced instructors to the team. This all happened without advertising!

The instant success and interest didn’t come without challenges. It was a challenge figuring out a schedule that suited the needs of the community, those who had originally come had gotten busy and hadn’t been consistently showing up, and the studio needed a few upgrades.


Now, only after six short months, we’ve figured out a schedule, have a crew of dedicated yoga students, and the studio has slowly been updating over each month.

Not only have we ironed out our schedule, we’re are incredibly proud to announce that we have partnered with a few great entities to continue offering yoga in our community, have begun workshops, and looking towards the future!

The Phoenix Gym

Phoenix Gym is an incredible opportunity and resource for those in recovery. Yoga House has teamed up Phoenix and is an affiliate gym. Yoga House will be offering FREE yoga classes to those in recovery beginning in February 2018

phoenix gym partners with colorado yoga house

Colorado Mesa University

Yoga House has also partnered with CMU to offer yoga classes for electives as a part of their Kinesiology and Exercise Science Programs.

colorado mesa university montrose

Montrose Rec Center

Yoga House is thrilled to partner with the Rec Center and Montrose Kayak and Surf to offer Stand Up Paddle Board – SUP Yoga! Classes are ongoing, click HERE for more details.

Workshops & Challenges

The incredible instructors of Yoga House bring a lot of experience and knowledge that we’ve been able to offer workshops.

Our first was with Chanel Brooks holding a Yoga Workshop for those wanted to learn beyond what happens in one hour yoga classes. In February, instructor Erin Porteous is holding a Pre & Post Natal Workshop for instructors to help them accommodate mommas into their classes.

Owner Melissa Lowe is holding mini 75-minute workshops on Sundays from January – February building strength and balance in her Inversion Immersion classes.

We’ve also hosted a 30-day Challenge in September with one winner, Tina Carter [read her story here], and we’re just wrapping up the Holiday Challenge in which we will announce the winner on December 31st!

And there’s more! Look forward to more details workshops and even a Yoga Teacher Training that will include a working internship.

Our Instructors

Yoga House would not be possible without these incredible women who believed and wanted to be a part of this journey. We’re excited to highlight the instructional team throughout the upcoming year!

Big love and thank you to, from left: Owner, Melissa Lowe, Christel Reynolds, Dee Miller, Erin Porteus, Meghan Baker, Chanel Brooks, Taylor Farinas & Elie Malloy


We are incredibly grateful to this wonderful community who have embraced us and for those that have become a part of Yoga House! Since June 2018, we’ve welcome 224 people, taught over 200 classes, hosted one workshop, 2 challenges and now have a team of eight instructors!

The Future

Stay tuned for 2019, we have a lot of great classes, workshops, challenges, and events planned! Also, Tuesday, January 8th we are adding the last phase of our upgrades and the studio will be closed to make this happen. We can’t wait to unveil our new look on Wednesday, January 9th!

And as we stated above, we are even working towards becoming a Yoga Alliance recognized training facility to offer Continuing Education and Teacher Trainings. A lot of work, but a lot of fun to share our passion!

Looking back, we can’t be more grateful for this opportunity, but mostly, are incredible thankful for all those who’ve become a part of Yoga House! Without YOU, there is no Yoga House!

Want to discover more about Yoga House or interested in becoming a part of our growing community? Click below for more details!