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How my destiny found its way to Yoga. Brace yourself, grab some coffee or popcorn, this is going to a long beautiful ride! Growing up in Laguna Beach, California was the token to my path as a Yogi. I took my first yoga class when I was 15 years old. At this age I was a highly competitive Varsity cross country and track runner that needed to stretch badly but refused. I was rebellious, hard headed and I was also very injured because of it. My running coach, Earl Lee Towner,  guided me to do yoga and the new hot [...]

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CURRENT Covid updates

CURRENT COVID UPDATES First - we are following the State of Colorado mandates of wearing masks in the studio and being six feet apart. We ask that you wear your mask while moving about the studio. If you have condition that permits you from wearing a mask while exercising, we legally cannot ask what that condition is or for you to wear your mask while practicing. If you are not wearing a mask we will assume you have a condition that does not permit you too and you will be respected. However we ask that if you do not [...]

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