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The yoga festival is upon us and we are excited to unveil and share so many great things at this event. For the general public, the vendor space is free entry. Click HERE to see the list of amazing and unique vendors. For festival goers – we have 1-class passes, Day Passes and the full 3-Day Passes with prices going up on Monday. Click HERE for pricing and to register. 

If you’re new and wondering what some of the workshops / classes are all about, here is a quick description of what each offering is about.

Workshop / Class Descriptions

Yin/Restorative with Chanel Brooks:

A yin class balanced with soothing restorative poses. A great way to start the festival weekend feeling calm yet incredibly reenergized!

Pranayama Workshop with Kylie Davis:

Pranayama means “control of the breath.” In this breath workshop you’ll explore the anatomy of breathing as well as have fun trying some yogic breathing techniques.

Alignment Workshop with Donna Murray from Uncompahgre Yoga Circle:

Focusing on attention to detail and healthy alignment in each yoga pose, this workshop is great for those new to yoga as well as experienced yogis looking to deepen their understanding of alignment.

Mudra Workshop with Dee Miller:

Mudra means “seal” or “gesture.” Yoga mudras are symbolic gestures often practiced with the hands and fingers. They facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body and enhance one’s journey within. Explore mudras step by step and add something new to your practice.

Gong Bath with Margarita Monleon:

Join us for a meditative gong bath – a unique and harmonizing experience! Learn more about Gong Baths HERE.

Intro to Acro Yoga with Alana Yerman

Acro Yoga is a dynamic practice with another person that combines yoga, Thai Massage and acrobatics. It may sound complicated, but Alana will walk you through the basics to enjoy this incredible fun and challenging practice.

Embodying Gratitude with Kylie Davis

Join Yoga House instructor Kylie Davis for a gentle morning flow with a focus on embodying gratitude. Every yoga practice is filled with opportunities to practice gratitude and as we cultivate a practice of thankfulness, we will organically begin to notice more and more blessings on and off the yoga mat.

The Science of OM with Chanel Brooks:

Join Yoga House instructor Chanel Brooks for an exploration of the vibrational frequency that created the universe.

Yoga for Radiance: cultivating energetic balance from the inside out with Chanel Brooks

Learn the science and benefits of each Kriya (completed action) as you explore an energetic series focusing on reviving and regenerating the energy flow of the mind, body and soul to cultivate clarity, peace, beauty and pure radiance from the inside out.

Intro to Inversions with Alana Yerman:

Inversions are yoga postures that take you upside down! Alana will guide you through how to safely explore this fun and beneficial asana (posture) family.

Yoga Trapeze Demos with Melissa Lowe:

Join Yoga House Studio Owner for an introduction to the fun world of Yoga Trapeze! Yoga Trapeze demos will show you how the sling is rigged, basic moves as sitting in the sling, going upside down, and more unique spins on traditional yoga poses. Learn more about Yoga Trapeze HERE

Happy Hips, Open Heart with Taylor Farinas:

Often our hips hold emotional as well as physical tension. Join Yoga House instructor Taylor Farinas for a hip and heart opening yoga practice.

Trees in the Enchanted Forest

Join Penelope Powell with Spring Creek Yoga for an enchanted yoga practice.
tree pose yoga

Mindfulness Meditation

Join Erin Easton for a practice of observing and accepting so we can let go.  This mindfulness exercise will help you to unwind at the end of your day.  We will work on observing what is going on in our mind and body with non-judgment and acceptance so that we are able to set it down when we need to rest.

Frequency Meditation

This is such a unique combination of digital music to raise our vibrations. Vibrations are known to help heal and achieve balance through rhythms. Join DJ Chuck Vanderwist for this amazing experience! Learn more about Frequency Meditation HERE. 

Want to learn more about the festival or register for a pass? Click the link below! And note – prices go up on Tuesday, October 8th!

We look forward to practicing with you!

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