First – we are following the State of Colorado mandates and will re-open based on the County & City’s decision to re-open Colorado. When we are to re-open, at this time due to the nature of COVID-19, there is no way we can guarantee anyone’s safety, or the possibility of contracting COVID-19 while practicing yoga at Yoga House. With that being said, we have initiated a higher protocol expected from our students, instructors and studio protocol to do what we can to mitigate those risks. PLEASE READ IN ITS ENTIRETY IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING RETURNING WHEN WE REOPEN. 

yoga house possibly reopening with governors orders


Last year, before cold and flu season, Yoga House consulted with the Montrose County Health Department on what steps the studio could take to be more mindful of as there is no mandatory protocol for yoga studios like there is for the food or health and beauty industries. We recognize now that those steps are incredibly important, however we want to go the extra mile and have implemented a mountain of new protocol.


  • All the yoga props have been washed and disinfected (even though at this time, they are not available for use)
  • We have had the entire yoga studio (front/back/inside/out) professionally cleaned and disinfected and will continue to have the studio professional cleaned weekly
  • We have informative COVID-19  signs on our front windows, bulletin boards & bathroom
  • We have our screen door on the back door so classes can have fresh air during practice


  • We will not be offering Hot Yoga at this time
  • We will open with a modified schedule offering up to two classes per day
  • We will not serve juice, water or tea at this time
  • Instructors will not offer hands on assists, face towels or eye pillows
  • We will offer paper towels for hand washing in the restroom instead of hand towels
  • Floors will be mopped and door handles wiped down after each class


  • There is now a MAXIMUM of 6 students per class – STUDENTS MUST PRE-REGISTER VIA MINDBODY – no walk-ins
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early as students will be screened upon entering regarding past illnesses, previous quarantine, etc
  • Please set up practice area in the designated, marked spots to ensure proper distance between each practitioner
  • You are encouraged to wear masks to/from studio
  • Socks and slippers are encouraged instead of walking barefoot in the studio
  • All immune compromised students are asked to stay home and utilize our online MINDBODY yoga classes 


  • We ask that if you believe or know you may have been in contact with COVID-19 that you refrain from attending studio classes (we currently are offering free online classes HERE, and starting mid-May will start live streaming live studio classes)
  • If you work in the health care industry, but not necessarily in the hospital and have not been exposed, have not had a fever or have been short of breath in the previous two weeks, we ask that you please wear a mask during class
colorado yoga house studio entrance


We miss our community dearly and know that it will be wonderful to see you! Because of all the precautions, it will feel different and that’s to be expected. COVID-19 has changed our society and we cannot be the same. However, know that our love and appreciation for you is still the same! Instead of hugs, please greet each other with namaste hands and big smiles. Please share stories with us and each other. This will be a great way to reintegrate from this time, share and be with your fellow yogis in a mindful way.


We are planning on re-opening May 1st, 2020 with a modified schedule. You may find our schedule via the button below. If you have questions about your previous passes or had Union passes, please read our BLOG HERE for updates.
Thank you all for your patience, support, and cooperation during this time!

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