First – we are following the State of Colorado mandates and will re-open based on the County & City of Montrose’s decision to re-open Colorado. When we are to re-open, at this time due to the nature of COVID-19, there is no way we can guarantee anyone’s safety, or the possibility of contracting COVID-19 while practicing yoga at Yoga House. With that being said, we have initiated a higher protocol expected from our students, instructors and studio protocol to do what we can to mitigate those risks. PLEASE READ THIS BLOG IN ITS ENTIRETY IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING RETURNING WHEN WE REOPEN & THIS BLOG DETAILS HOW WE WILL HANDLE LOGISTICS OF PASSES. 

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Union is our online platform in which we streamed live classes. As of April 20th, 2020 we are no longer using Union for Live Streaming due to technical difficulties and low attendance. If you have an unused pass, you may use them to access previous classes HERE. If you do not use your pass by the time the studio opens, we will transfer your remaining balance to our main studio software, MINDBODY.


Due to COVID-19, we closed our doors on March 16th, 2020. Because extending passes cannot be done system wide, we will need to extend passes on an individual basis. We have already extended passes to those that have reached out. However, as we begin to look near our re-opening, we will need to extend passes for many others. To help us expedite this process, and to alleviate in-person transactions, we graciously ask that those anticipate joining us as we re-open to email us at for extensions. We will happily extend passes for the length of our closure.

If you have not accessed your account or has been awhile, we ask that you please reconnect your account. Through our re-opening period, it will be mandatory to update your account, renew passes, and pre-register for classes to alleviate in-person transactions. You may access MINDBODY HERE. 


If you are not able or are not comfortable attending as we begin to re-open, please pause in reaching out as we handle the other requests. As things start to unfold with our State re-opening, we will offer another waiting period to extend the next round of passes.


Some students have offered not to extend their passes or monthly memberships, and renew at their next cycle. This is one way you can give back to our studio to help us get back on our feet, but it is not expected. If you wish to do this, you may simply log on to your MINDBODY account and renew your pass.

At this time, our studio will not be offering props for classes to mitigate any chance of spreading COVID-19, and we encourage you to purchase your own props. We are incredibly grateful for one of our beloved brands to offer this opportunity of support for our small studio! Manduka is graciously donating 25% for any purchases made using code YOGAHOUSE at check out.

Manduka is not only a personal fave, but our studio brand – our studio mats, blocks, straps and bolsters are Manduka because of their sustainable business practices, and their high quality yoga gear. If you’re in need of any yoga attire or props, we appreciate you considering Manduka !

Checkout Code: YOGAHOUSE

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We have outlined our new and updated procedures and studio protocol on THIS BLOG HERE. Please take the time to review it if you are considering joining us as we look forward to re-opening!


If you are not quite ready to join us in the studio for in-person classes as we re-open, you can access FREE short classes, meditations, tips, and more on our Facebook Community HERE.
Thank you all so much for your patience and support as we navigate this interesting time!

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