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What is Yoga & Is It For Me?

What is Yoga & Is It For Me? Discovering Yoga Although Yoga has been known in the western culture for some time, there is much confusion about what it is. Many believe it is a religion, it's only for flexible people, or that it's only stretching. We're here to help break down these common misconceptions to help unveil the mystery of what yoga is and why it is great for YOU. What IS Yoga? Yoga is a practice that was developed over 5,000 years ago in India. The practice includes a system to benefit the physical, mental, emotional [...]

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Healthy Holiday Challenge

HEALTHY HOLIDAY CHALLENGE Holiday Motivation Yoga House is looking forward to the upcoming holidays - the weather changing, celebrating the holidays, and spending time with each other. Holidays are also known as the time of enjoying many feasts that often lead us to making New Year's resolutions. This year, Yoga House is on your side to help you curb those holiday cravings, stay active, and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle by beginning the Healthy Holiday Challenge! The Details The Challenge is to attend 17 classes from October 8th, 2018 through December 31st, 2018. Those entered into the [...]

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First Responder & Military Special!

FIRST RESPONDER & MILITARY SPECIAL Montrose County First Responder & Active Military Special Yoga House is honored to offer our local Montrose County Fire Fighters, EMT's, Police Officers, Nurses, and active duty Military Personnel this class special as a way to say thank you for your hard work, and a way to encourage further self-care. The Details The First Responder Special is exclusively for Fire Fighters, EMT's, Police Officers, Nurses & active duty Military in Montrose County. The special is $45 for a 5-Class Pack (normally $65)!! First Responders and active military must sign up directly on-site at [...]

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October Yoga Journey

VALLEY OF DRY BONES Yogic Journey Instructor, Dee Miller will lead this month long yoga journey following BKS Iyengar's Light on Yoga prescribed sequences poses and incorporate verses on Ezekial Chapter 31:1-10 (Valley of Dry Bones). This journey - beginning October 1st - will look at the anatomy and importance of breath. This series will be held beginning October 1st - 31st on Monday / Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6am - 6:45a and will encourage journaling. The Details "I think October is a great time for a yoga journey," says Dee. "It helps us adjust to the [...]

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Teacher’s Special!

TEACHER APPRECIATION Montrose County Teachers Special Yoga House is honored to offer a Teacher's Special for our educators from the Montrose County School District as a way to say thank you for your hard work, and a way to encourage further self-care. The Details The Teacher's Special is exclusively for educators in the Montrose County School District. The special is 50% off the Unlimited Monthly Membership for only $65 (normally $125)!! Educators must sign up directly on-site at the studio and present valid teaching credentials to redeem. The Unlimited Monthly Membership is good for ANY scheduled class for [...]

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How to Prepare For Your First Yoga Session

How to Prepare For Your First Yoga Session Welcome to Yoga. Although the word, "yoga" is a household name, it can be intimidating to walk into your first class. Yes, there is etiquette just like any gym or club. However, yoga is a bit different. Here, we will guide and welcome you to your first yoga class here at Yoga House! Choose Your Class One of Yoga Houses' core values is to make yoga available to everyone! There are a variety of classes geared towards the new yogi, like the Refine & Align class; to the more [...]

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Top 5 Benefits of Yoga

Top 5 Benefits of Yoga Yoga is a Healthy Lifestyle. Yoga has been practiced by the eastern cultures for centuries and there's no doubt why. There is a slew of benefits that arise out of the practice that once it was introduced the west - it grew like wildfire! What are those benefits? Since there are so many, we've chosen the Top 5 Benefits of Yoga. Increased Flexibility & Muscle Strength Yoga is a dynamic practice as it combines movements of stretching, balance, core strengthening and over time improves your mobility and increases your strength. Increasing your strength [...]

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Signs You’re Ready for an Advanced Yoga Class

Signs You're Ready for an Advanced Yoga Class Growing With Yoga. If you've memorized Sun Salutation A, feel confident in your down dog and know your limits, then perhaps it's time to consider challenging yourself and growing in your yoga practice. At Yoga House, we have a variety of classes to keep you inspired, motivated, and challenged. Here are other signs you're ready for an advanced yoga class. You're Body Has Changed If you began yoga unable to touch your toes or fall over every time you attempted a balance pose; but now, not only can you [...]

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