Yoga House’s 1st Birthday!

Year One

The first thing that comes to mind as we celebrate our first year is GRATITUDE. I have immense gratitude for the instructors who walked into my life to take a chance on being a part of a brand new studio. I have incredible gratitude for the people that have walked through these doors to check us out – with many who’ve become our community, and our family. Gratitude for those that have reached out to hold seminars, workshops, and to partner with us. This is just a quick moment to look back at this incredible year!
yoga house turns one

Looking Back

When my family and I moved to Montrose, I knew we were growing roots for our family here. I immediately started the quest on trying to find a studio so I could reconnect with my on-again, off-again practice. However, I didn’t find anything that resonated, nor fit into my schedule. I quickly drew up a business plan to see if opening a yoga studio would be viable in this small, yet growing town. As I drew up the plan, I scouted many open business spaces to ultimately find our current location. When I peered into the windows and saw that it already had wood flooring, I knew it was it! However, the motivator to actually taking the big steps was my husband. When I told him what I found in my own quest, and showed him my business plan, he simply said, “DO IT!”

From idea to opening the doors took me 30-Days.

The Mission Statement

I started practicing yoga around 1998 and was only introduced to the asanas, and I was immediately in love. I read a few books on the history and started to feel overwhelmed. Yoga wasn’t as popular as it is today and not much in the ways of mentors, studio availability, more or less an app or online tutorials like we have today.

I often would dabble on my own, but I never felt like I was doing it right. On my travels, I’d meet people who practiced and some even mentored in India. Each person had a different perspective and each person shared a bit more of the history and philosophy. And still – I felt confused, but loved the movements. In 2007 I apprehensively decided to sign up for a yoga teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, and fell in love with yoga and found freedom by being able to discover yoga for myself, that it was my own journey.

It was clear to be that I wanted a space that was inclusive, to drop the stigma around yoga, and allow for the students to have their own organic experience for whatever the reasons they walked through the door.  Thus, became Yoga House’s Core Values and Mission Statement.

Our First Year

It’s been a busy and fulfilling year! We have an incredible instructional team experienced in several different styles with unique approaches to teaching.  We’ve also been incredibly fortunate to work with Montrose Kayak & Surf  and the Montrose Rec to start SUP Yoga at the Rec Center. We’ve also held several workshops, series, events and had a guest who played her gongs for us. We’ve also partnered with:

We’ve welcomed over 500 unique individuals to the studio, held over 800 classes, have an instructor team of 8, and have BIG plans to celebrate yoga on the western slope this fall by hosting the Montrose Yoga Festival at Cerise Park on October 12th!

colorado yoga house community

Montrose Yoga Festival

The purpose of the Montrose Yoga Festival is not only to celebrate our one year, but to celebrate yoga on the western slope! The festival is a one-day, regional event that will have meditation sessions, yoga classes, art stations, twister, food, and more!

Vendors Confirmed Thus Far:
Lululemon Aspen
Dark Moon
Lucky Tree Studio
Anne Hockenberry – artist
Don’t Be a Weenie Food truck
Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery (tentative)


montrose yoga festival


All of THIS would not be possible without the incredible team and the amazing community of members that make Yoga House what it is today. Thank you!

The light in me, recognizes and honors that light in you. I look forward to another wonderful year. I am forever grateful. Namaste.

-Melissa Lowe

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