SilverSneakers Yoga


SilverSneakers Yoga What is SilverSneakers? Colorado Yoga House is excited and honored to be a provider of the well-known program for older adults, known as SilverSneakers. SilverSneakers is a program encouraging older adults to participate in physical activities that will help them to maintain greater control of their health. It sponsors activities and social events designed to keep seniors healthy while encouraging social interaction. - ehealthmedicare It is a free fitness program for adults 65+ provided by dozens of healthcare providers. Although SilverSneakers aims for adults 65+, Yoga House welcomes older adults 55+ at our regular rates to participate [...]

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Gong Bath


Gong Bath What is a gong bath? A gong bath is being immersed in the sound of musical instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks or other musical instruments, that create harmonic frequencies known to have positive physiological and metaphysical effects on the body. As King Gong's, Steve Carter details, The sound and vibrational energy of gongs is an ancient and powerful tool used to help still the mind and allow the body to deeply relax. In this state, we can begin to process and release blocks, and come to deep physical relaxation. A great article, "The Science, [...]

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Yoga House and Telluride Yoga Festival


Yoga House Partners with Telluride Yoga Festival Partnership Yoga House is excited to be a part of the growing gathering of yogis and practitioners called the Telluride Yoga Festival! Our partnership allows you to purchase passes at 10% off using the unique code: yogahouse10! MISSION Our vision is to foster heath and wellness in our community and beyond by creating an intimate, authentic, world-class yoga festival filled with yoga, music, meditation, hikes, dinners, wellness vendors and more. We aim to make yoga, health, and wellness accessible to every BODY, build a sense of commUNITY, and we are [...]

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Prenatal Friendly Classes


Prenatal Friendly Classes Yoga House understands the need for mommas-to-be to get maintain their health during a precious time in their lives, and we're excited to now have pre-natal friendly classes at our studio! Classes Since every momma is in a different phase of their pregnancy, and the fluctuating prenatal needs of the community is hard to predict, Yoga House has opted to train our instructors to welcome mommas into their classes, instead of offering just one prenatal class. This option allows for more flexibility in your schedule, try different instructors, and experience different styles of yoga. [...]

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Cycling, Yoga & Brews


Yoga For Cyclists Yoga House is stoked to announce a partnership with Montrose Area Bicycle Alliance and 2 Rascals Brewery! On June 14th we invite cyclists and athletes to partake in yoga on the 2 Rascals deck from 7p-8p! Experience a deep release for those tight legs, hips & back with Yoga House & the Montrose Area Bicycle Alliance! This unique class will take place on the outdoor patio at 2 Rascals Brewing Co. Cost for the class is a $10 donation (cash only!). All mats and props will be provided by Yoga House. Space is limited, [...]

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Habits of a Yogi Series


Yoga Series What are yogi habits? Yoga Instructor, Elie Malloy is leading a 3-part series for those new-to-yoga or those wanting to deepen their practice and knowledge of yoga. This series will deepen your knowledge about the habits of a yogi based from the book, “Body Thrive,” by Cate Stillman, and ultimately, find ease and joy in your life with these 10 habits based in Ayurveda. Series Includes: 2-Hour Workshop, Once a Month for 3 Months Snacks & Drinks Covers 10 Habits based in Ayurveda If a Yoga Alliance Instructor – this workshop counts towards Continuing Education, non-contact hours [...]

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Yoga House Survey


Your Feedback is Important! 3-Minute Online Survey Yoga House is nearing its 1 year anniversary, and we are incredibly grateful to all those who visited Yoga House or made it a part of your regular practice. In our short time we've welcomed approximately 350 unique people to the studio, did a mini makeover, upgraded our props to the high quality Manduka brand, addded Hot Yoga, new instructors, and merged to a more robust software program called, Mind Body. And now - we want to hear from YOU! Your opinion is incredibly important as we grow [...]

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Yoga House Joins Healthy Rhythm


Yoga & Art Combine Forces Yoga House Partners with Healthy Rhythm Yoga House has partnered with Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery to hold one specialty yoga experience once a month at the gallery located at Samplers Square. Each yoga class will be lead by Yoga House instructors, and have an eclectic experience from having live music, artists painting, photographers photographing and other creative collaborations. Each of these classes will be a unique and an unforgettable experience! Upcoming Dates: There are no upcoming dates at this time. Please check back in the future! Event Details Limited space! You [...]

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Modest Price Increase Begins March 1st 2019


Pricing Updates Price Increase 3/1/19 First - we are so grateful to have a healthy, growing studio, and are incredibly grateful to our community who has helped make this happen! Beginning March 1st, 2019, our rates will increase modestly so we can to continue to provide a quality studio with an incredible team of instructors. We have a lot of great plans for the studio's future and cannot wait to unveil as they come to fruition! Beginning March 1st, 2019 our rates will increase as follows: Name NEW PRICE Old Price Drop In Rate $15 $14 5-Class [...]

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2018: A Year In a Review


Colorado Yoga House A Look at the Beginning When new resident, Melissa Lowe came to Montrose, she immediately tried to find a yoga studio to reconnect with her on-again-off-again practice. Melissa couldn’t find a class that would work with her schedule, nor offered challenging classes as she’d been a long-time practitioner and instructor for the last decade. Almost at random, Melissa came home and told her husband she thought she should open her own studio, and without hesitation her husband suggested an open store front in downtown Montrose – the now current location. She agreed and from idea to opening the [...]

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